Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 236: 巅峰巅丹药师(五)

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This moment of no dust is a peace that has not been obtained for a long time.

He looked at his body through the inner view, but found a purple light that surrounded the black forces, and the viscera that had been hit was slowly restored under that light.

This powerful force finally broke out?

No dust has come back from this moment, and a body rushes to him, pressing him on the ground, and screaming in the sky: "No dust at night, you actually want to Waste power? Am I not letting you believe in me? No matter what, I will not let your power burst out."

If she takes another step at night, the consequences may be unimaginable.

There is some grievances in the night, and the face of evil spirits is more and more moving because of the poor expression, that is, the ordinary appearance can be so eye-catching.

"If you don't do this, I will regret it for the rest of my life."

Mu Ruyue’s heart trembled.

She knows that as long as the night breaks out the power, he will not suffer any harm, and with his dust-free personality, he will naturally not consider the safety of these people.

It is always better for others to die than to win over.

The reason for doing this is because there is one of these people...

In this continent where the strong is respected, losing strength is harder to endure than losing life. This man is willing to waste a powerful force in order not to hurt her.

"No dust, you are a fool."

A fool who can't let her go...

"Muer, if I become a waste, will you abandon me and find another new love?" The night is dusty and evil, and the eyes are always gazing at the beautiful face of the girl, and I don't mind the two people's current posture.

Mu Ruyue pressed on his body and pointed the man under his body. His eyes were firm and unquestionable.

"Don't say that you just abolished your strength, that is, you have broken your hand and you can't think about it. You are also the only husband I admire."

I laughed at night and it was enough.

The two people were so affectionate, as if they had not noticed that there was a group of people beside them.

Murong Tian was a little bit sullen. The man actually went to Ye Qiu in front of his own face. It was really lawless. However, he also understood that with the strength of this man, no one is his opponent here.

Even if there is more dissatisfaction, Murong Tian can only endure it.

Innocently relieved, and the man really scared him when he wanted to lose his strength. Fortunately, he was happy at the end, but what he didn’t expect was that he was a ghostless night, his fiancé. .

This man is not only powerful, but also infatuated. It is indeed worthy of his baby.

At this moment, a curious voice came from the side: "Hey, there is actually a place where I don't know the name of the peak, but this smell is really tempting, little girl, just now that the peak of the drug is Are you refining?"

The old man who suddenly appeared above the heads of the people did not trim the margins, and his beard was stunned. At this time, he was smiling at the bottom of Mu Ruyue.

When I saw the old man, Murong Tian took a moment and said a strange saying: "Master, how come you?"


Everyone is a glimpse, this is the old master of the medicinal sect, the legendary Dan Zun?


I have said it about the message.

Seriously, the author can delete the message, I still heard it for the first time. Those girls who said that I deleted the message can log in to the author's background. If you have QQ, you can log in to the background, then you can study it, I will ask you. How to delete the message, I was the first time I heard that the author has the permission to delete the message. I am really ignorant. If the girls who said that I deleted the message, I have a problem and told me a question~~ I am waiting~~~

I will not say more about this matter in the future. The unbelieving girl uses QQ to log in to the background to see, where to find out where to delete the message, find me to worship you as a teacher to ask you how to delete the message ~~~~

I slept, good night girl and guys~~~

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