Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 235: 巅峰巅丹药师(4)

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"What do you want to do?"

Suddenly, a rage came from the front.

Then I saw the drug lord, Murong Tian, ​​leading a group of people to hurry up...

At first glance, I saw that the situation did not seem too good, and there was no dust in the night. I was shocked and stunned, and I slammed at him with a slamming finger on his pulse.

"It seems that you have been hit hard in your body. Is it the **** old guy of Ye Qiu?"

This man is a man of his own baby. As a master, how can he not let the people of the disciples be hurt?

"not good!"

Seeing the murder of the man, Murong Tian changed his face and hurriedly said: "Elder Ye Qiu, leave it!"

However, not waiting for Ye Qiu to get up, a purple sword mans across the sky, a bang, his body was swiftly swept out by the sword, and a huge stone behind it also caused crush.

At this moment, everyone saw that the man who caused such a sensation slammed on one knee, the sword in his hand was inserted on the ground, the hair soaked in sweat was close to the face of evil spirits, and the black was gradually centered on him. Spread out.

Innocent hurriedly took a few steps back and looked at the night without a dust.

"This... what the **** is going on?"

Looking up at the innocent night, I said in a word: "Don't let anyone go to disturb the child!"

If it is a refinery of high-grade medicinal herbs, her proficiency will not cause any problems, but this is the first time that Mu Ruyue refines the ground-level medicinal herbs, and the tight mental force does not allow any interruption.

Otherwise, it will have a great aftereffect on her brain.

This is why the night is dust-free and can withstand the pain of the power collision, and does not let people go in to disturb the sake of Mu Yue...

Nothing to say, I want to say something, but I am completely dumbfounded after seeing the next scene.

This man wants to waste Dan Tian!

With his strength, he can be king in the holy world. Why do you want to ruin this power?

Innocent nature does not know, nothing in the heart of the night is more important than Mu Yue.

His strength can't protect her safety, but it will hurt her words, then don't worry about it, and he believes that even if he becomes a waste, the woman will not give up on him.

So, it is enough...

The hands of the nightless dust slowly moved to Dantian, and the purple scorpion was tender and the hands gradually gathered a force. As long as this power fell on Dantian, it could be crushed.

From then on, that power will never bother him, he will also become a waste...

"No dust at night, what are you doing?"

Suddenly, an angry drink rang behind him, the man's body stiffened, and the big hand stayed in the distance. He turned his head and looked in the direction of the house, and saw the white girl rushing to him hurriedly...

"Mer, don't come over, I can no longer control this power, you will be hurt when you approach me!"

The night was dusty and anxiously shouting, but at this moment, a purple light smashed the sky and fell to his position, and then the girl’s voice came: "Zi Jindan I have already made it, take it down. ""

Purple Golden Dan?

The night was silent, and I caught the medicinal medicine that broke through the sky. The purple medicinal medicine was held in the palm of his hand. A cold feeling passed from the palm to the body...

With the entrance of the medicinal herbs, a hint of coolness spreads into the heart, and the black power that spreads out seems to have been summoned and collected back...

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