Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 231: Pharmacological Congress (5)

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"Everyone, you are welcome to attend the Pharmacological Conference," Murong Tian stepped up to the square. His majestic eyes passed over everyone underneath. He smiled slightly. "Now I will let the young masters come out to meet you."

The voice just fell, and a peerless figure caught everyone’s eyes...

At that moment, everyone took a breath and their eyes followed the figure. At this moment, they seemed to see the gods...

There are men in the world who are so beautiful.

When he passed by, the ink hair flew in front of everyone. Everyone smelled the scent of the scent of the ink, and the heart seemed to bloom in 10,000 peach blossoms.

The god-like man who admired the moon is not just one. Bai Ze is also beautiful as a fairy, but the beauty of Bai Ze is the sadness and gentleness of beauty. This man has a cold temperament.

This kind of temperament is made from the inside, and it is even more shocking.

Perhaps because of illness, the handsome face of a man with a pathological white, but does not affect the kind of amazing feeling that she brought to people, perfect to the flawless face seems to be the best masterpiece of the creator.

However, because I often face the fascinating face of the night, Mu Ruyue does not have much feeling, and does not look at this man like a woman with a crazy look.

"Qing Er," Murong Tian hurriedly greeted him, smiling slightly. "Are you coming?"

Murong nodded slightly at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, and his eyes were swept away when he swept through Mu Ruyue. I don't know why, Mu Ruyue always feels that there is a light that people can't understand.

"You can start."

The man gently opened his mouth.

Hearing his voice, everyone seemed to see the bamboo forest after the rain, the stream flowing in the spring water, and the smoldering yellow scorpion on the tree... The sound of such a pleasant sound made people indulge in it and could not pull it out.

Murong Tian smiled slightly and turned his eyes to the people underneath. He said, "Come, can you see the illness of the young master?"

After Murong’s words fell, everyone was silent.

To be honest, they all felt that Murong’s vitality was weak, and he could only live for two or three years, but he did not know where he was wrong.

Although Murong Tian knew that this would be the case, but after seeing this expression, the heart couldn’t help but sink: "I can give you half a month to ponder the way. During this period, the lesser masters will In line with your needs, if someone finds a cure, my medicine will never treat you badly."

Compared with Murong Tian's disappointment, there was no expression in the early Qing Dynasty. In the clear and cold eyes, there was never a wave of waves. The beautiful face of the gods is more and more undoubted.

Mu Ruyue stared at the man on the square, and the light flashed a few times.

In order to break through to the peak of the land in the past few days, she deliberately read the book again, and then there is a variety of incurable diseases in Dan, so she only knows the situation of the man.

On the top of Dan, a medicinal herb at the peak of the ground can just heal his body.

It’s a pity that she hasn’t broken through to the peak of the land.

"Half a month?" Mu Ruyue was slightly coveted, laughing low, and said to himself, "Half-month time is enough."

She will reach the level of the peak of the land in this half a month.

Whether it is for no dust at night, or a token to enter Zhongzhou...

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