Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 230: Pharmacological Congress (4)

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"The innocent old man, you can't eat the grapes and say that the grapes are sour," Ye Qiu smugly glanced at him, disdainfully said, "I am in my twenties to reach the advanced level, if he is such a talent. Can't count anything, is your apprentice not even waste? Haha, if she didn't guess wrong, she should be around 17 years old. It is still only a personal intermediate level. What is waste? Estimated to her talent, Forty years old can't be a senior level. I really don't know how you would accept such a waste as a disciple. Can she be your illegitimate daughter?"

Innocent old face changed, he wanted to explain that Mu Ruyue had arrived at the advanced level, but he knew that even if he said that Ye Qiu, the old man could not believe it, he would only think that he was bragging, so he would simply close his mouth and nothing. If you don't say it, let the facts come back to prove who the disciples are waste.

"People intermediate level?" Murong Tian looked at the innocent eyes, this old man's eyes are higher than the top, how to accept a disciple of this kind of firewood.

Is it true that the disciple is really his illegitimate daughter?

"Oh, Masters, I will not bother you first. I will let the children come out to meet with the masters at noon tomorrow at noon. I hope that the masters can see the physical condition of the children."

Murong Tian no longer said anything more. After he dropped the words, he arched his fists to several people and turned and left. The eyebrows couldn’t hide the anxiety.

These people are already his only hope now...

The elementary status of the first child is special. If something goes wrong with him, those people who have come back will never let go of the medicine.

Murong Tian sighed with anxiety and stepped faster, and soon disappeared into the sight of innocent people. He needed to prepare for tomorrow's things...

If you say who the most mysterious person in the Holy Land is, it is not the Lady of the Holy Moon who is the governor of the Holy Land. It is not the Nangong Zifeng that has only been picked up in the past two years.

The most mysterious person in the Holy Land is the young master of the medicine.

This few sects rarely appear in the eyes of the world, especially after the illness in the past few years, they disappeared into the medicine. No one knows where he went, and no one has ever seen his true face...

Until yesterday, the lord of the medicinal lord let go of the words. At noon today, the sect of the lord will go to the Yaozong Square, so that the medicinal pharmacists personally check the body for the sect.

So not until noon, the square is surrounded by many people.

After the medicinal disciples heard that the mysterious young masters would appear, they all let go of their lively daring to see the true sects of the sects. They were the medicinal disciples and they never saw the legendary sect. .

Mu Ruyue saw the Qin family in the crowd at a glance.

Her brows are slightly picking. These people should not be Dan pharmacists. I don't know how to mix them into the medicine.

Xu was aware of a gaze watching himself. Qin Yi turned his head and looked at it. He saw the indifferent look of Mu Ruyue. He saw that no dust was noisy at her side, she wanted to say something, but she understood Ji Shui. After doing such a thing, Qin Jia and her have no relationship at all.

So, if there is more, he can only swallow it.

"She is Dan Pharmacist?" Ji Shui was shocked. His eyes fell on the badge on the chest of Mu Ruyue. He gently rubbed his lips. "Intermediate level?"

The pharmacist at the intermediate level is not a big deal for others, but for the forces like the Qin family, even a very weak person-level intermediate needs to be treated with courtesy.

This is the difference between Dan Pharmacists and practitioners.

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