Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 23: Love is selfish

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Does Mu Tinger really want to help Mu Yue?

Do not!

At the moment when Mu Yixue waved to Mu Ruyue, she saw the two people coming and going outside the courtyard. One of the two was her lover's night wind, and the other was an old man with a sacred bone.

Looking at the respectful look of the night wind, she can guess the identity of the old man.

"Tinger sister!" Mu Yixue’s sorrowful tears of grievances, "Tinger sister, you actually scolded me for this waste, but I still don't recognize me, what is this waste? You are so good to her, she I have never received a love, and I am still arrogant that you are a foster daughter and do not deserve to stay in Mujia."

"Snow, no matter what, we are all family, the family should be harmonious, your means should be left to outsiders."

Mu Tinger raised her eyebrows and apparently dissatisfied with Mu Yixue’s statement.

"And she is right, I am just a foster daughter, and I don't have the blood of my family."

From the beginning to the end, Mu Ruyue just hugged his chest and watched the good show.

That Mu Tinger really did play, and let her have a lot of addiction, just...

Mu Ruyue slightly picked up the scorpion. They repeatedly provoked it twice because she did not put them in her eyes. However, even if she did not put them in her eyes, it did not mean that she could tolerate it.

"I think there is one thing you have made a mistake. Like the man of the night wind, even if it is sent to me, I won't take a look at it, and I will hear it on the Golden Temple. It is not the royal family's retirement. It is my admiration. If the month is not willing to marry a man who is covered in bacteria, therefore, Mu Tinger, congratulations, you have taken away the garbage that I don’t want. It is said that there are still two beautiful things in the palace. If you will have more in the future, you will also be in the future. It's full of bacteria, oh, yes, I don't know if there is a night in the night, and I am looking forward to seeing your husband and other women's expressions when they roll sheets."


Mu Tinger's face was pale in a moment, and the delicate body swayed like a boat in the wind.

She loves the night wind, loves and loves very much. Now, whenever she thinks that the beloved man and other women are doing the kind of things in bed, she feels that the heart hurts so badly that she can't wait to die immediately.

If she really saw her in the future, she did not know if she had the courage to live.

The feelings of the face changed greatly, just want to be angry, but still not waiting for him to open, a big scorpion came from behind Mu Ruyue, with anger that could not be suppressed.

"Mu Ruyue, what are you talking about!"

When the night wind said this, he had already embraced Mu Tinger’s weak body, and he was pity with deep sorrow: "Tinger, don’t listen to her nonsense, how can I have such a good?"

"Shizi," Mu Tinger held the hand of the night wind tightly, and there were some tears in her eyes. "Will you let other women enter the government in the future? Will you do that kind of thing with them?" Let them have your child?"

The night wind slammed, close to the thin lips, I don't know how to tell her.

Gradually, the hopes of Mu Tinger’s eyes faded, and the tears slowly slid down the delicate face.

He loves her, but while she loves her, she is on board with other women. Is this the so-called love? Love is selfish, and she does not want to share the man she loves with anyone.

The feeling of sharing with others made her feel uncomfortable, as if there were countless swords piercing her body.

"Tinger, you can rest assured, I will be good to you all my life," the night wind clenched the delicate body of the arms, the distressed road, "You have been my most beloved woman for the rest of my life."

Just, is it good for her all her life?

But what she wants is that he only belongs to her alone in his life.

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