Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 229: Pharmacological Congress (3)

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The team quickly arrived within the medicinal tract, and arranged the residence according to the individual's level. As a middle-level intermediate, Mu Ruyue, only got a broken wooden house, and the medicinal masters of the genus were in a yard.

It was innocent to let Mu Ruyue and the night go to him without dust, but Mu Ruyue, who was born and did not like being disturbed, refused the innocent kindness. As a low-level Dan pharmacist, there will inevitably be many people looking for him.

During this time, Mu Ruyue wanted to refine the medicinal herbs at the peak of the earth.

Even though this wooden house was broken, the environment was very quiet, just in line with her heart...

At this time, in the courtyard of the master, a few medicinal pharmacists were discussing something, but suddenly a long laugh came, and then a tall and straight figure came in.

A few people looked at each other, but did not stand up and meet, as the medicinal lord Murong Tian is just a high-level Dan Pharmacist, so they are weaker according to the level of their two levels......

"Masters, don't come innocent," Murong Tian was not angry. He smiled and arched his fist. "The significance of this time I hold the Pharmacological Congress is that all the masters have understood clearly. I don't know if you have a little bit about the body of the child. Grasp."

The crowd indulged for a moment, the old man who sneered at the innocent gray robe frowned and said: "The sovereign, we have not seen the body of the young master, so we can't conclude."

Murong Tian smiled lightly, and there was an unconcealed worry between the eyebrows.

"I am also clear about Master Ye Qiu, but I still want to tell the masters all their lives. For the children's body, some of the medicinal pharmacists in Zhongzhou have seen it for him, but unfortunately they are helpless."

Everyone looks a glimpse.

What is the concept of Van-Dan Pharmacist? Lian Fanjie Dan pharmacists can't cure the injuries of the young masters, just by them, is it possible?

"Don't be discouraged by the masters. The middle-level and senior Dan pharmacists in Zhongzhou did not even see what happened to the children. So I organized the medicinal meeting and recruited the world medicinal pharmacist. No one can see the cause of the child, it is impossible to refine the remedy. As long as I find out some problems in his body, my promise still works. Because of the reason for finding out his body, the medicinal pharmacists in Zhongzhou can refine it. Take the medicine."

Murong Tian’s promise is what they naturally know.

No one can give up this opportunity to enter Zhongzhou. Now these old men’s strengths have already reached the innate, but they are only in the middle of the innate level. If you break through the advanced level, you don’t know when to wait.

Tokens are the only way they are today.

"Sovereign, rest assured, I will find out the fault of the body of the Shaozong." Ye Qiu was happy, the wrinkles on the old face smiled like a chrysanthemum that bloomed.

"I am naturally assured of the strength of the masters," Murong Tian smiled. "It is said that Elder Ye Qiu has received a talented disciple. Now he is only in his twenties. The level has reached the advanced level? It is really gratifying."

When he heard someone mentioning his own disciple, Ye Qiu proudly laughed. In his twenties, he reached the advanced level, even if he was a genius in Zhongzhou.

"The senior level in the twenties? Is it amazing?"

Innocently, I couldn’t see Ye Qiu’s proud appearance, and I snorted.

If the senior level in the twenties is considered a genius, what is his own disciple?

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