Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 228: Pharmacological Congress (2)

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Mu Ruyue’s brow picks up and says nothing, just waiting for innocent to continue to explain.

Without a sigh, he said: "The medicinal sect in the Holy Land is the division established by the Zhongzhou Pharmacist. It naturally has the token of the Zhongzhou Pharmacist. If it can save the life of the lord, you can get the Zhongzhou Order. brand."

I have to say that innocent words really make Mu Ruyue heart.

She wants to break through to innate seniority, and it takes a lot of time, and there are too few innate powers here. Without strong enemies, she can't break through quickly.

The only way to do this now is to enter Zhongzhou.

Moreover, if she wants to see Bai Ze, she must enter the land...

"So Shantou, you see no. There are a lot of powerful pharmacists here. The conditions in the holy territory are stronger than those outside us. There are even a few low-level ones, such as the old man in gray robes. He is just like a low-level Dan pharmacist."

Mu Ruyue’s brow picks up, and some doubts ask: “Why is there no medicinal pharmacist at the intermediate level?”

"Oh, Shantou, do you think that the intermediate-level medicinal pharmacist is so easy to be? This level is only owned by Zhongzhou, even if the highest in the sacred world is only the low-level, right, Shantou, I forgot Ask yourself where your current rating is."

Innocent turned to look at Mu Ruyue, curious smile.

Mu Ruyue glanced at him: "Do you mean strength or the level of Dan Pharmacist?"


"Oh," Mu Ruyue shrugged his shoulders. "If you are strong, you will be born in the first place. Dan Pharmacist is now a senior level..."

The practice of the Holy Spirit pool for half a year has already made her strength soar.

However, entering the Holy Spirit pool after reaching this level has no effect.

What did Mu Ruyue think of was that the strength would fly so fast, it is no wonder that the Xiao family had so many strong people. It took a few years to reach this point. It took only half a year to go there.

If you let the squadron go to the Holy Spirit pool to practice, you may soon reach this level...

The innocent old face froze.

Fortunately, the voice of their conversation is not high. If they are heard by others, it is estimated that Mu Ruyue is bragging, not to mention the power of pseudo-innate. Is the senior pharmacist at the geography level reach this age?

The sigh of relief took a breath, and the innocent feeling was somewhat lost.

The apprentice became so powerful, he felt that his master was of no use...

Xu was aware of his thoughts. Mu Ruyue smiled faintly: "Master, this little place can't restrain me. I want to go to a wider place. Now the achievement is not my pursuit. I have not arrived. When the peak of the peak, I will not stop my steps, no matter how difficult the road ahead is, it is a thorn and a **** road, I will let myself board that position, but no matter what, one day The teacher is a father forever, you will always be my master."

She did not forget that when she first entered the world, she was confused about the cultivation. If she did not encounter innocence, under his guidance, she would not enter the state smoothly.

Therefore, even if she walks into the peak in the future, she will not forget to teach her master at first.

"One day is the father of the teacher for the rest of my life, huh, huh, oh, perhaps my greatest fortune in this life is to accept you such a baby."

No sigh, the old face showed a happy color.

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