Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 227: Pharmacological Congress (1)

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There are quite a few pharmacists who came to attend the Pharmacological Congress. According to the regulations of the conference, each person's body is paired with the corresponding level of badges. When those people see Mu Ruyue with the intermediate-level badge, they basically Many people looked at her with disdain.

Intermediate level medicinal pharmacist?

She thought that this was the place, and a person-level intermediate pharmacist also had a face to attend the medicinal meeting.

But when I look at the moon, I see an acquaintance...


Mu Ruyue screamed in surprise, but did not expect to see this old man here.

Innocently heard the familiar voice, turned to the door, when I saw Mu Ruyue standing at the door, the old face raised a smile: "I guess you guys will come to join in the fun ""


Everyone saw that this girl was an innocent apprentice.

"Innocent, when do you have an apprentice?" A yin and yang voice came from the side. "I thought that your eyes were higher than the top and you couldn’t see anyone. I didn’t expect to have a disciple, but unfortunately, you The strength seems to be not very good, almost seventeen years old, but only the intermediate level, haha."

The innocent old face sank, and the gray-robed old man who swept his eyes and spoke, went to Mu Ruyue without any explanation. Hehe smiled: "Small girl, since it is here, let us join together."

The conversation turned to the night behind Mu Ruyue.

Even though this man is plain, his noble and powerful temperament shows that he is not a leisurely generation, and that there is a feeling that the man’s strength may be stronger than him...

And this man always looks at his baby with affection, it seems that she is only in her eyes. This makes the old man wonder why he is sacred.

More importantly, with the level of the innocent old man, it is impossible to recognize that this man took Yi Rongdan...

The law of protection quickly came in from outside the door. Even if he was the guardian of the medicinal remedies, he did not dare to make such a slap in the face of these distinguished medicinal pharmacists, and lowered his attitude to the first jaw: "Masters, the Pharmacological Congress To hold, I will send you to the medicine."

The people nodded and stood up from the position.

The location of the medicinal tract is relatively remote, occupying a whole mountain, and there are countless arrays in the mountains, so without the leadership of the medicinal people, these people really can not find a way out.

Mu Ruyue walked beside the innocent, quietly looking at the surrounding array, and at this moment, her voice sounded innocent and old.

"Shantou, do you know why this is the Pharmacological Congress?"

Shaking his head, Mu Ruyue turned to innocent, asked: "Why?"

"Oh," innocently stroked the white beard and smiled twice. "Because the medicinal sect is less ill, the young sect is not good, and many medicinal pharmacists have not been effective, so the medicinal lord released the words." Come, invite the sacred priests and all the powerful Dan pharmacists from outside to attend the conference. Whoever saves the medicinal lords will get a place to go to Zhongzhou."

"Zhongzhou?" Mu Ruyue's heart suddenly moved.

"Yes," he nodded innocently. "Zhongzhou is a place where the real strong is respected. In our place, a congenital strongman is already very strong. It can be nothing in the Zhongzhou area. More importantly, Zhongzhou has its own rules. Unless your strength reaches the innate level, you will not be allowed to enter the state outside. Of course, there is another way, that is, the token of a force in Zhongzhou..."

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