Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 226: He is my man (5)

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"Mer, go!"

The man’s anxious voice came from the ear...

Mu Ruyue turned his head and looked at it, and saw an unforgettable scene of eternal life.

The mandala pattern on the man's face was drawn with a little black line, replacing the purple of the original evil spirit. There is no wind, and his purple robes are in the wind.


Countless black flames emerged from the man's body, and his body was centered in all directions. He seemed to be very painful. The face of evil spirits was full of horror.

The place where the flames came, the forest was ridiculous, and the black focus was shocking.

Feeling that power, Mu Ruyue actually had a feeling of guilty feelings. If it wasn’t for the night, she would push her down and let her roll down the mountain. Perhaps the consequences are unimaginable...

The night was as quiet as dust, and the sweat on his forehead slid down a little bit, and as he gasped hard, his hands suddenly came forward from the front and hugged him.

Mu Ruyue hugged the man's body tightly, and there was an unremarkable distress in the hanging dice.

Whether he is a fool or a man like him, it is such a heartache...

Although it was only a short moment, Mu Ruyue felt his pain. Who said that powerful power is a good thing? This power brings only endless pain to the night without dust.

"Just... you saw it?"

There was no noise in the night, and even he felt that he was terrible at that time.

"No dust, no matter what, I will be by your side."

It is the destruction of heaven and earth, and it will not change.

The nightless dustless heart trembled, and the face smiled with a sinister smile. Perhaps it was really destined for the rest of my life that he was able to find her in this life and fell in love with her in a short time...

How lucky is he?

"No dust, believe me, I will refine Zijin Dan as soon as possible. As long as I take the medicine, this power will not burst out."

Before the end of the Pharmacological Congress, she must raise her strength to the peak of the hierarchy.

Mu Ruyue’s eyelashes trembled a little, and the beautiful face was a firm...

The venue of the Pharmacological Congress is within the medicinal tract.

If you want to go to the medicinal tract, you must go through Nanluo City and fight for this medicinal medicinal meeting. The medicinal sect has specially sent a law to go to Nanluo City to receive these medicinal pharmacists, as long as they are issued by Dange. Grade badges, no matter what level of Dan Pharmacist can participate.

However, Mu Ruyue’s hand was only the middle-level badge that was handed over to her innocently...

Therefore, when Mu Ruyue took out his badge, it undoubtedly caused a burst of laughter. The lowest level here is the peak of the human ranks. This is the first one below the peak of the human ranks.

With her strength, I also want to attend the Pharmacological Congress?

A small person is an intermediate level. I don't know what it means to be self-aware. Look at the low-level Dan pharmacists. Is there any one who likes her to come to the medicinal meeting?

It is place that person of all of you can come to.

"Is there something?" Mu Ruyue swept his face in front of the law, asked faintly.

The Guardian sneer, sarcasm hooked the corner of the lips, he originally wanted to tell this girl this time to come to the medicinal meeting, the lowest is the human-level 巅 丹 丹 药 ,, but think of the drug sect, no matter what level as long as there is a badge Can participate, so he can only swallow the sarcasm.

"Go in and wait, go to the medicine together!"

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