Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 223: He is my man (2)

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Qin Yiwei smiled and smiled: "Mu girl can rest assured that no one will bother you, and later I will let people prepare tents for you and your attendant."

Attendant? When the night is dusty, he looks like a waiter. But there is no way, who will let him serve this woman with willingness...

The night is like water, quiet and quiet.

The hands of the nightless hands are holding their heads, lying quietly on the floor. His lips are smiling with a smile. Under the ordinary appearance, they are so enchanting and moving, and make this face vivid.

This man is wearing an ordinary appearance, and it is difficult to conceal the noble and lazy temperament.

Suddenly, the account was smashed open, and the night was dusty and purple, and the sight of the sword was thrown out of the door. The thin lips gently spit out three words: "Get out!"

I don't know why, in the face of this man, Ji Shuirou felt a moment of fear.

Her face was pale and her look was very weak. Even the pace was swaying like she would fall down in the next moment, but when she thought of her purpose here, she bit her lip and said, "I hope you can It’s not difficult to get out of here with your strength."

The nightless dusty face reveals a trace of flirtatiousness, and the voice is gloomy: "Get out!"

Ji Shuirou’s heart trembled, which is obviously a waiter. Why would he be afraid of him?

"If you need it, I can give you the map, just hope that your master will not dangle in front of my cousin."

Her voice is weak and inaudible. However, how can she not hear the nightless dust?

If Ji Shuirou does not mention Mu Ruyue, perhaps the night will be dusty and will take the map with Mu Ruyue to leave, but she has degraded her beloved woman in her mouth, so his face sank.

The man walked down from the bed, and the purple scorpion in the evil spirits glowed coldly. He slowly raised his hand, and at the moment when the black light flashed, the body of the water softly fell to the door.

In addition to the account, the evening wind whizzed past, and the cold Ji Shui softly shuddered.

Her body is not good, but now it makes the face pale.

Suddenly, not far from a thin figure greeted the eye, Ji Shui softly bite the lip biting, tearing off his clothes to tear open his own clothes, revealing the white and soft skin.

"Cousin, save me!"

At this point, Qin Yi was planning to go out and make a small solution. He couldn’t hear the sound of Ji Shuirou. He turned his head and looked at Ji Shui’s flustered and ran over to him.


Ji Shuiru grabbed Qin Yi like a life-saving straw, and said with a breathless voice: "The girl's entourage...he...he wants to be indecent, cousin, drive them out...".

The woman’s beautiful eyes are tearful, and her slim face is obviously shameful.

I have to say that Ji Shuirou is a rare beauty, that is, there is no beauty in the ancient Chinese when Xizi is in the heart, and there is not much difference. The waist of Yingying’s grip is full of temptation for men, and the delicate voice is even less. How many people can resist living.

The attendant did not dare to start with her master, and it was not impossible to take the opportunity to bully Ji Shui.

"Soft child, are you okay?" Qin Yi looked worriedly at Ji Shuirou. Although she did not like this cousin, she had already promised to take care of her for the rest of her life.

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