Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 220: Silver wolf group (2)

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"Girl, I wonder if I can ask for a name?" The youth's face evoked a shallow smile, and the clear voice looked at the girl in front of her. "My name is Qin, and Qin Yi, this is my cousin Ji Shuirou. The child is not good, so I heard that there will be a lot of medicinal pharmacists at the medicinal meeting. I want to ask for help from a pharmacist at the conference. I don’t know why the two are in the Warcraft Mountains?"

Mu Ruyue smiled faintly: "I am Mu Ruyue, this night is clean, like you, the two of us are also attending the Pharmacological Congress."

"That's really clever," Qin Yi said no more, turned and looked at the person behind him and said, "Zhang Shu, let Joer go to the back of the sedan, we should continue to go."

Zhang Shu nodded silently and took over Ji Shui from Qin Yi's hand: "Miss, let's go, you are not very good, or don't go too far."

Ji Shui softly broke away from Zhang Shu, biting his lip and said: "Cousin, do you really want them to follow? The Warcraft Mountains are so dangerous, what should we do if they drag us?"

More importantly, she does not want this woman to stay in the team...

"Soft child."

Qin Yi didn't know the careful thoughts in Ji Shui's heart, so I don't understand what happened to the soft children who have always been sensible. Mu girl lost her way, he naturally helped, the former soft child is kind, and will not sit still, but now it seems to have a hostile hostility towards the girl...

"No dust, since they don't welcome, let's go."

Mu Ruyue fainted his eyes and eyes.

She wants to dare to go to the medicine before the conference, but does not mean that she will stay here without self-esteem. Others do not welcome her. Why should she give up her dignity and stay behind?

"Okay." The night dustless lips laughed, and it was right for him to make decisions regardless of Mu Ruyue.

Just thinking of Qin Yi’s gaze on Mu Ruyue’s eyes, he felt a burst of acidity in his heart. It’s best to leave here.

"Mu girl, wait a moment." Qin Yi did not look at Ji Shuirou's grievances, and wanted to chase after the moon. "Mu girl, you are a girl's home, the Warcraft Mountains are too dangerous."

What is a girl's home?

The nightless dusty face sank, isn't he a human?

Suddenly, the sound of rustling came out of the grass, and when the people had not reacted, a few loud bangs rang through the sky, and several silver wolves flew out of the grass.

"It's a silver wolf!"

"Oh my God, there are so many silver wolves, the one who leads is the silver wolf king of the ninth order!"

The 9th-order Silver Wolf King is also a tyrant in the Warcraft Mountains.

The people took a sigh of relief and hurriedly pulled out their weapons. They looked at the silver wolves that surrounded the crowd, and they all had a hint of vigilance in their eyes.

"Zhang Shu, protect the soft child!"

Qin Yi took out the sword at the waist, and the delicate face showed taboos.

The strongest team is only the eighth-order warrior, but the silver wolf king is the ninth-order...

Ji Shui is so scared that her face is pale and her lips are slightly trembling. She is used to being pampered. When have she seen so many fierce silver wolves? It’s not bad to stun the past.

The silver wolf rushed to the group of humans.

The World of Warcraft under the sunset glowed with blood, and the silver wolf attacked the mighty. How could the group of people survive and resist so many silver wolves? What's more, there is a nine-stage silver wolf king in the eye.

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