Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 219: Silver wolf group (1)

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"It seems that it can only be like this." Mu Ruyue sighed, but at this moment, there was a loud noise behind him...

"Cousin, when will we arrive at the medicine?"

The voice of the girl was a little weak, but after her words fell, a young voice was heard: "Soft, rest assured, you will soon be able to walk out of the Warcraft Mountains, Zhang Shu, I don't know how many more?"

The man named Zhang Shu was indulged for a moment before he said: "According to the map, there should be a kilometer away, young master, miss, we can leave the Warcraft Mountains right away."


Mu Ruyue’s nephew is bright. If there is a map, there is no need to turn around in the mountains. She and the night have been spinning for a day, but they have not yet gone.

Thinking of this, she turned her head and looked at the people...

The first thing that caught the eye was a young man with a handsome face. This young man was very white, but it was a healthy white. The delicate face was better than the woman. The pair of scorpions were clear and watery, with a shallow smile.

And beside him is a weak and beautiful woman.

The beauty of this disease is a bit weak, and the young man's support is coming, the pale and delicate face is fragrant and sweaty, and the look is really what I see and pity.

Just behind the two is a team, obviously the home of the brothers and sisters...

When the young man looked up, he saw Mu Ruyue and the night without dust.

He stunned, and the clear glimpse flashed a trace of astounding, the girl stood up against the wind, the blue silk was shallow, and the face of the fascinating city had no expression, and it was so difficult to cover the fascinating posture.

He has lived for so many years and has not seen anyone who is so beautiful.

"Cousin?" The sick beauty frowned slightly, and followed the youth's gaze to see Mu Ruyue. Some time he was dissatisfied with the young man. "Cousin, what are you looking at?"

After eating the pain, the young man came back to the gods. Some of the blameful eyes looked at the sick beauty who was helping him. He immediately looked up and looked forward to Mu Ruyue, gently smiling: "This girl also wants to pass the Warcraft Mountains?"

As for the night without dust, it was completely ignored by him...

"Well," Mu Ruo nodded. "We lost our way. We want to buy the map in your hands. Don't you know if you are willing to open a price?"

The young man stunned and didn't smile. "Girl, if the map gives you, how can we go out? If the girl doesn't mind, why not walk with us?"


The beautiful woman blinked and stood in front of Mu Ruyue. She did not ignore the astounding flash of the cousin when she looked at the woman.

Although she knows that cousin is not a person who will fall in love with a woman at first sight, nor is she a person who looks at people, she still feels very uncomfortable.

I have loved my cousin for so long, and I will marry my cousin after I have cured my illness. How can my cousin look at other women besides myself?

The sick beauty feels very sweet in his heart and his eyes are not friendly.

"Soft child!" The face of the young man sank a little, and screamed.

The sick beauty is red, and the biting lip is not enough to let the tears fall, and the cousin yells at her for a strange woman...

Mu Ruyue did not want to be with these people. I can think of the beginning of the Pharmacological Congress. If they let them find their own way, they could not walk out of the Warcraft Mountains for a few days and nights. Therefore, they only nodded.

"Okay, then trouble you."

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