Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 213: You are dust-free, right? (two)

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"Taro, go!"

Yan Yan's face changed, turning his head to the girl behind him.

"It's really a loyal guardian," Nangong Zifeng sneered with a smile, and his cold eyes looked at Mu Ruyue behind him through Yan Yan. "If you were the original, I didn't have the ability to move you. Unfortunately, this is It’s called Hedong in 30 years, Hexi in 30 years. I used to be worse than you. Now you are just the ants that I look down on.”

Although she lost a lot of strength to Nangong Zifeng because of her reincarnation, she still retained a part of it, and it was because of her rise that she brought such a big force to the Nangong family.

But she never forgot a bit...

Find out this woman and kill her!

For many years, she has been searching for the whereabouts of Zihuang brother and this woman. She knows that she only needs to find a suitable mother. These two people will be reincarnated, but after all, they are not the former strong, so I have to find out. They still have some difficulties.

Even more, at the end of her life has been exhausted, never felt their existence.

Until the day before, Zihuang’s brother seemed to have any opportunity, so that the body’s strength was surviving, and she discovered his existence.

It is a pity that the strength of Zihuang's brother can't control that power, and even break out at any time. It is estimated that because he does not want that force to hurt this woman, Zihuang brother has only been watching her secretly...

Regardless of her past life or this life, her Zihuang brother is always so affectionate. However, the strong feelings are not for her...

Nangong Zifeng's heart seems to be stabbed by what he gave, and the pain is unable to extricate himself. The feeling is like separating her heart with a sword, bloody.

Her sighing breath, the air in the night with a touch of coolness, her mind gradually wake up. At this moment, Yan launched her attack on the occasion of her ecstasy, and the fierce momentum slammed up, and the hand wrapped around the black flame quickly reached her.

A palm fell on the chest of Nangong Zifeng, her feet stepped back a few steps, the color of the face covered with a layer of frost, this stinky man actually hurt her!

A first-time inferior World of Warcraft, in her congenital intermediate eye is also an ant.

"If you protect her like this, go to die together!"

The momentum of Nangong Zifeng has grown again.

Under the night sky, the white clothes danced in the wind, and the blue silk was crossed over the night sky. If the negligence of the eyes was neglected, the Nangong Zifengmei at this time was moving.

It’s a pity that the smell of yin and sinister ruined the beauty...

Mu Ruyue’s fingers fell lightly on the space ring. Of course, she came here not to be arrogant. She must be completely prepared. Since she can’t beat Nangong Zifeng, she can only escape with the power of medicinal herbs.

"Taro, be careful!"

Yan Yan was shocked, and the black robe stroked the night sky toward the girl standing under the moonlight, but at this moment, a purple coat flew from the night, and with a blink of an eye, the girl fell into the embrace. .

The man’s arms are so warm, the familiar breath lingers around the nose, and Mu’s body froze slightly, and his lips tremble slightly: “No dust...”

Will this man holding himself be dust-free?

Why is she feeling so kind in this embrace, just like the man is by her side...

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