Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 206: My brother is missing (3)

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The voice of Mrs. Holy Moon is trembling, the beauty contains unprecedented fear, and there is a hatred... Nangong family, that must be done by the Nangong family.

They stole her daughter more than ten years ago. After more than a decade, I want to kill her son? He will never allow the conspiracy of these people to succeed!

"Yuer," Xiao Tianyu gently walked over to hold the shoulder of Mrs. Holy Moon, and comforted. "Reassure, the wind and the people have their own natural world, he will definitely turn the tide."

However, when the wind broke out, he also decided that the Nangong family had a hidden power. If you did not find out the source of the power, it might make the Xiao family in danger.

At this time, it must not be hard to deal with the Nangong family.

"If no one stopped a dozen years ago, maybe I would destroy the Nangong family at that time." Xiao Tianyu's indifference dawned over the elders present.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing in the world...

As far as his sight was concerned, the elders were ashamed and bowed their heads.

At that time, the Lady of the Holy Month was only the little lady of the Xiao family. It was not the ruler of the Holy Spirit Spring. Therefore, these old guys would stand up and stop Xiao Tianyu from destroying the Nangong family.

If she had the identity of Mrs. Holy Month at that time, she could suppress these old guys...

"Mother," Mu Ruyue gently held the shaking hand of Mrs. Holy Moon and smiled softly: "Nangong Zifeng wants to deal with me, I don't want to be hostile, I have to go south." The domain identifies the situation, but I can promise you, I will not let myself be in danger, let alone not protect me?"

"But..." Mrs. Holy Moon’s heart trembled. She licked her lips and shook her head desperately. "I don't want you to be in danger."

The son has already had an accident, and she can no longer put her daughter in danger.

"Moon, this time I am standing with your mother, no matter how you can no longer go to that place, I will solve this problem, I will definitely find the whereabouts of the wind." Xiao Tianyu's handsome face with a touch Perseverance, the eyebrows reveal that the piece is strong, "My son Xiao Tianyu will not die so easily."

"Well, it’s good," said Xiao’s father, who clap his hands and said, “Yu, you have called all the powers of Xiao’s family, and you are trying to find the wind. In any case, you must find his whereabouts. ...even if it is... you must bring him back."

The word corpse, how can Xiaojie’s father not be able to speak.

"French," the mood of Mrs. Holy Moon gradually stabilized. She took the token from her waist and sent it to Xiao Tianyu. "This is the token of my identity. It is the order of my lady, who can I found that the fall of the wind, even if it was just a drop, I can let him enter the Holy Spirit pool for half a year."

This is the privilege that the owner of the Holy Spirit pool can have.

In order to enter the Holy Spirit pool to practice, who is not going to sell life in the entire holy place? Therefore, some families will be so jealous of the power of Xiao.

Xiao Tianyu took the token and gently nodded: "Yu, you wait for my news, no matter who can't move you and my children, if the Nangong family really did something to the wind, I will let This family is raging!"

The bottom of the eye flashed through the cold killing, Xiao Tianyu said a word.

Nangong family, you better pray for nothing to do with the wind, otherwise, your Nangong family is getting more and more dangerous now, I will fight hard with the power of Xiaojia to fight you and die...


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