Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 204: My brother is missing (1)

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How can one know about the situation outside of a family? What's more, people's personality is not so easy to be clear, her performance is like knowing them.

"Moon, do you really know Nangong Zifeng?" Mrs. Holy Moon still felt very confused. The Nangong Zifeng had too many mysteries, and even the family of Nangong family could not find out for her.

If this person is the opponent of the month, then her situation will be very dangerous...

"I don't know, I haven't even heard the name."

Mu Ruyue shook his head.

Suddenly, she appeared in front of her beautiful white zebra, and she clearly did not know Bai Ze, but he seemed to be familiar with her.

What is the relationship between this Nangong Zifeng and Baize?

"Moon, the Nangong family has had some things in the past few years," Mrs. Shengyue sighed. "So your brother Xiaofeng is not too worried about the safety of the holy place. He leads some people to go there to discuss the situation, if there is any situation. We must take measures. In fact, according to what I said, directly solving the Nangong family is that the new hatred and old hate are counted with them. It’s just that your brother has always been steady. He thinks that the Nangong family may not be the former Nangong family, especially since the Nangong Zifeng. There have been many situations in the two years of the transition, so I plan to figure out the situation first and then do it..."

Mu Ruyue listened to the words of the Holy Month, and there was a glimmer of light inside the curtain.

Since Nangong Zifeng shot herself, she wanted to find out why she did this, so she had to go to the Nangong family.

But not now, she must improve her strength before going to the Nangong family...

The Holy Spirit Pool is a symbol of the Holy Land. This Holy Spirit pool can be opened once by the ruler for three years. If you want to open it, you must have two innate powers to cooperate with the Holy Month.

It’s just that Xiao Lao’s one person has won two congenital low-level powerhouses.

With the opening of the Holy Spirit Pool, it is equal to half a year. The Lady of the Holy Month is holding the hand of Mu Ruyue tightly, and looks at the beautiful face in front of him.

But she can't delay her daughter, so she let go of her hand...

After the Holy Spirit pool was closed, everyone left here and waited only half a year later to open.

Who knows that in the past six months, there has been another wave of turmoil...

"What are you talking about?" Xiao Tianyu stood up fiercely, his face glaring at the middle-aged man who came to ventilate the letter. He clenched his fists tightly and gnawed his teeth. "You said the wind is missing." Still life and death are unknown? What is going on here? How can the wind disappear?"

The middle-aged man swallowed his throat, and he did not dare to look directly at the current Xiao Tianyu.

"Less master, this is true. The people who followed the young master are still looking for the whereabouts of the young master in the southern domain, but they have not found him in the entire southern region."

"Namiya family!"

Xiao Tianyu’s face flashed a sigh of relief.

He didn't have to think about it and he definitely knew that it was the ghost of the Nangong family. He knew this. He shouldn't agree with Feng's request at the beginning, and he would harm his sheep into the tiger's mouth.

"If the Nangong family moves me a hair, I will never let them go! Come, tell the lady and the owner, and say... the wind has an accident."


Yes, Xiao Tianyu now regrets that he regretted his son’s request, and his life and death are unknown.

When Xiao Tianyu stepped out of the room, there was a wave of volatility in the pool of the Holy Spirit not far away...

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