Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 202: Blood test (2)

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"If you are here, start testing."

A strange voice came from the front.

Mu Ruyue saw that there was an old man sitting next to Xiao’s father. The old man’s face was serious, and his majesty revealed the majesty of the superior. The white clothes could not cover the noble momentum.

Just a glance, Mu Ruyue feels that the strength of this old man is stronger than that of Xiao Laozi.

"Muer," Mrs. Holy Moon walked to the side of Mu Ruyue and smiled softly. "I will tell you about this. This is the person who is responsible for the blood test of Xiao family. You call him Xiao Lao. It is also the veteran of my Xiao family. When your grandfather returned to the world, he won the trust. In the past few years, unless only the Xiao family will conduct blood tests, he will never appear, and he will not pay attention to the world."

It is rare for Mrs. Holy Moon to introduce a person to Mu Ruyue, and with a trace of respect from the tone, this makes Mu Ruyue full of curiosity.

"Xiao Lao." Mu Ruyue's eyes turned to the old man, faintly calling.

The old man just nodded lightly, and took out a milky white stone from the space ring on his finger. The stone was only half the size of his palm. He put it in front of him and said, "You drop blood to this stone." It is enough."

So simple?

Mu Ruyue stepped forward and took out a dagger from the ring. He gently cut his finger, and the blood of the blood leaked out of his finger and slowly flowed into the stone.

As the blood fell into the stone, it was absorbed in, and a glimmer of red light filled the entire stone.

The crowd held their breath at once and stared at the stone in front of Mu Ruyue.

Originally, the red light grew slowly with a slow attitude, and then it became thicker and thicker. It looked as if the stone was full of blood.

The bright red exudes a magnificent color.

Twenty percent...

Thirty-five percent...

Everyone’s eyes are not willing to move away, and the mood is tense at this moment.

It’s almost 60% off... It’s already been closed in Xiao’s family. But the red light did not stop, but it filled the stone more and more quickly.

"Month!" Mrs. Holy Moon held Mu Ruyue's hand tightly. She had made up her mind before she did, regardless of her test results, she would give her a detached position in Xiao.

But at this moment, she is still nervous...

Because the blood test represents not only the status of the Xiao family, but also the inheritance of the blood, the inheritance of Xiao’s life...

The blood heritage has a high concentration requirement, even if Xiao Feng’s first person Xiao Feng can't reach that condition.

And his blood test is 80%...

As time passed, everyone's face changed, incredulously staring at the stone, only because the red light has filled the stone 80%.

Eighty percent, which is the point where Xiao Feng’s young master, Xiao Feng, arrived...

But the red light still didn't stop, Xiao Lao's voice stood up, and the muddy scorpion stared at the stone in front of him.

Until... until the red light fills the entire stone.

His whole person is like a stupid person. He hasn't been able to return to God for a long time. For a long time, a long smile broke through the sky: "Haha, my Xiao family finally has a blood donor concentration of 100%. I am also worthy of the dead ancestor. ”

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