Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1568: Finale (fifteen)

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I haven't forgotten my body, a strange saying: "This power is almost the same as the Supreme Warcraft at that time. No, it seems to be more powerful! And it is from the back mountain. The back mountain is the place where the night is quiet and closed. Is it 20 years? Time, he finally broke through to the supreme?"

Supreme strong, the mainland first!

This is the existence that worships everyone.

When I felt the power of the annihilation, I was able to break through the edge of the night, so I entered the retreat. I didn’t expect the retreat to be a full 20 years...

It’s so clean at night!

Thinking of this, I have no wry smile.

"This piece of the world, it really is the world of young people, if you speak, we can't compare with those young people."

Lin Ruoyu smirked, and now she can still stand behind me, it is enough...


On the mountain.

The night was quiet and slowed down, and I walked a little.

The blood of 20 years ago also infiltrated into the land. Even after 20 years, it was impossible to wash away the blood of the day...

"Mer, twenty years, when will you come back?"

"I wanted to follow your life and die together, but Mrs. Hua said that you are still alive, the formation is your own, the formation is not eliminated, you are not dead, one day you will return to my side, but now It’s been twenty years, when can you appear?”

"However, even if I wait for ten thousand years, I am willing, but can you really make me so lonely? Can you be willing?"

"I have been waiting for you in **** for so many years, I have been reunited with you, and I have been separated in a few days. Muer, will you really let me wait for you all my life? If you can let me come back, I am willing Give up and repair."

He became king in order to protect her.

If there is no her, what is the use of being a strong person?

"Mur, you and the blood are coming back, we are waiting for you..."


At the moment when the nightless voice of the night just fell, the mountain suddenly swayed, the flames rushed out, and then the endless power spread out. That power is the same as that emitted by the night without dust.

Another supreme!

The entire continent was shocked.

What happened today? Why do two people break through the Supreme in a row?

However, the night is dustless but I don’t think so much. His eyes are fixed on the flame in front...

Under the flames of the sky, a white coat flashed into the eyes, and the stunning figure immediately appeared in his ear with the soft voice of the woman.

"No dust, I am back."

Yes, she is back and can no longer leave.


Night dust-free, with the excitement of inner strength, pulled her into her arms and bowed her head: "Muer, I know, you will definitely come back, you will not let me lose you..."

"No dust, blood is helping me. If it weren't for her, I will be transformed into a battle for a lifetime, and I will never escape."


The night was silent, and I hurriedly asked, "Why, why don't you see her?"

Mu Ruyue’s eyes dimmed: “Blood help me to swallow the soul of the supreme World of Warcraft, and then disappeared. I thought I was going to lose her again, until I broke through the Supreme, I felt that the breath of blood was still Yes, just not around us, she must be living somewhere on the mainland, so I have to find her anyway."

As soon as I heard that Mu Ruyue said that it was only after the night that there was no dust, I felt it seriously. Even though the breath of the blood was very weak, it still existed. This made his heart slowly recover.

"Well, I will accompany you to find her. After that, we will find a place where no one is hiding. We are now the strongest in the mainland. No one will let us separate. I also don't want to be boundless. Wait, every day without you is suffering."

In fact, the night of dust-free efforts to break through the supreme, but also wants to turn around with the predecessors, now, do not need his help, Mu Ruyue will come back...

At this time, other people feel the situation here, and they are coming from not far away.

Not forgetting to stop not far away, watching the men and women who embraced each other, his face showed a smile.

"Moon, welcome you back, we have been waiting for you for a long time..."

Mu Ruyue smiled, the beautiful face was shining with the brilliance in the sun, her eyes with deep love and thoughts, one by one swept away from the relatives who flew...

"Niang, Huang Er, Jing Er, Bai Ze, Big Brother, Yun Qing, and everyone, I am back..."

(At the end of the text, the blood appeared outside, I don’t know if anyone was scared by the dead night, I am a mother who will never let the man and the woman die."

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