Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1566: Finale (13)

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If someone can see the scene inside his body, he will surely find that his heart has already worn a few holes.

In this case, I also supported it. It is hard to imagine what kind of pain he suffered.

"After!" Mrs. Hua’s face changed greatly. “He is in danger!”

However, under the pressure of the Supreme Warcraft, anyone seems to be powerless...

The night's eyes are full of pain, and the force is trying to break away from the shackles of power, but it is incomparable to let him struggle, leaving only the wounds of the body...

The night is dusty and feels a burst of collapse. It seems that all the power has gone with it. His eyes are slowly closing, but he is very reluctant, and he is not willing to leave like this...

"Mur, sorry, I may have to eat, I can't wait for you anymore..."

His lips showed a smile, his eyes were such a disappointment, and then his eyes looked to the World of Warcraft, saying: "I said, will not give you the opportunity to hurt her, this is my promise!"


The ground dust violently, and a wall stood up at this moment, blocking in front of Mu Ruyue.

And he stood in front of the wall!

Everyone was shocked at this moment.

They clearly felt the disappearance of the man's life, but he used a last remaining force to put a barrier for her, but he, like the patron saint, kept before the barrier and never fell.

As he said, even if it is dead, it will not let people cross this line.

"Do not!"

The sound of the night Si Huang was exhausted, and a drop of blood and tears slowly squatted from the shackles. His voice revealed grief and endless hatred.

Others, however, are all moving to this true feeling.

Supported by that belief, even if he died, he still stood in front of her and kept his promise...

Extreme Warcraft is completely crazy. He has never seen such a person. Everyone is dead, and the body is still standing. How can such a strange thing happen?

No, he doesn't believe it!

"Bad boy, do you think this is enough? I want to destroy your body!!!"


The infinite power broke out, and when the Supreme Warcraft wanted to shred the body that made him hate his teeth, something strange happened...

A powerful force came from the opposite side.

Then, he clearly saw that the night and the broken body are gradually recovering...

Yes, it is slowly recovering, but the speed is still visible to the naked eye!

"This... Is this a problem with my eyes?" Supreme Warcraft smashed his eyes and watched the night without a dust.

Immediately, under his gaze, the night opened his eyes without dust.

Not to mention the Supreme Warcraft, others are stupid.

The night is clean and dead, why is it resurrected?

Just then, something even more amazing happened...

The human being who died just now, but the body and the head are slowly recovering, and the wounds of the rest of the people have begun to recover, and it is a powerful force that has never been seen before.

"How is this going?"

"I have to hurt, I have to hurt!"

Everyone was shocked and whispered, and they could not believe what they saw.

Mrs. Hua’s heart was finally put down: “The battle of the world can destroy all enemies. At the same time, it will let the friendly people recover. This is the power of the world’s destruction, and it is also a kind of anti-sky array. ""

Because of the anti-day, the price is also very powerful!

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