Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1565: Finale (12)

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The land next to the dust-free night broke out, and countless dusts spread, and within the dust, several swords appeared, holding him in the middle, and also blocking the attack from the Supreme Power.


Suddenly, the night-time dust-free blood was continuously sprayed out, and a beautiful face was pale and pale, as if there was no trace of blood.

The land in front of him was stained with blood and slowly infiltrated into the ground...

"No loss is the supreme power of the past. Now there is such a powerful force. If this is the case, I will not accompany you to play. You can die for me!"

At this moment, the front of the night without dust condenses a sword that shimmers in the cold, and the thorns without warning sign the night without dust...

The night is dust-free and the palm of the hand is moved, but just to block the attack of the Supreme Warcraft, he has exhausted all his strength.


Awkward, the sword did not enter the nightless dusty chest and penetrated the past from his body.


The night Si Huang roared: "Supreme World of Warcraft, you dare to move my parents a minute, I will let you die without a place to die!"

The blood also looked at this scene. There was a little bit of blood in a pair of bright and abnormal scorpions. She bit her lip tightly, and the little fist could not help but tighten...

No one can move under the power of the ultimate Warcraft.

After the sword is not in the dust-free body, it turns into air disappearing, but the wound is bleeding constantly. The blood is so scary that I feel that maybe the night will lose life in the next second...

However, this is not the case.

He still stood up, and the purple scorpion fell on the body of the ultimate Warcraft.

"Can you still get up?"

Supreme Warcraft stunned, and looked at the night without a solution.

"I said that I have her behind me."

"Why? Why are you so desperate?"

Seeing the eyes of the supreme Warcraft, the night laughed.

"If you fall in love with someone, you will understand what I am doing. If I have to fall, it will make her lose her life. Then... even if I am dead, I will always stand here and become a shield to stop all dangers! ”

If you fall in love with someone, you will understand what I have to do...

The most doubtful in the heart of the World of Warcraft, why do you love someone, will you be so desperate? Don't even want to die? Just because you want to protect your loved ones...

"Bad boy, I don't believe it, you really can't go down!"

Hey! Hey!

In front of the Supreme Warcraft, there were countless arrows, and the air was left behind to leave a shadow after the friction. Then, the sly passed through the dustless chest...

Everyone's heart trembled.

However, the night is still standing firmly in front of Mu Ruyue, like a big tree that can't be destroyed...

"I don't believe, I don't believe it!"

Extreme Warcraft crazy screaming.

He really can't believe it, it's all like this, he can't die!


The night was clean and coughed twice, and some faintly closed.

Sword and sword stabbed!

He clearly felt that vitality is gradually disappearing, but if he is dead, Muer will definitely be at risk, so he must hold it down anyway.

Get more time for her...

"Bad boy, you must die!"

The eyes of the Supreme Warcraft became a little bit bloody, and more powerful forces condensed into a storm ball in front of them. The power fell to the dustless chest at night. At that moment, countless forces were carried into his body and destroyed. heart……

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