Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1564: Finale (11)

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Mrs. Wrinkled her frown, and after all, she sighed again. When he wanted to help other people, there were two dragons and screams in the sky. Then, the two figures came from far away, covering them. The whole sky.

When he heard the sound of the dragon, Xiaobai jumped up in surprise: "Hey, mother!"

My mother and I are coming, great!



Two white dragons hovered in the sky, looking down at the battle on the ground.

"Supreme World of Warcraft is still released, we are one step late," Bai Long turned into a white man in the sky, appeared in the center of the battlefield, "now can only stop him."

"Father, how come you?"

A white flash appeared in the white man's side, excited and called.

"Come on!"

The white man smiled and jumped to the side of a strong man and solved the attack on his Warcraft.

Because of the addition of Xiaobai’s parents, the situation on the battlefield has been temporarily relieved.

But it’s only temporary...

"Bad boy, you are not my opponent at all!"

Extreme Warcraft sneered and looked at the night without dust: "So I advise you to give up."

Under the gaze of Supreme Warcraft, the night rose freely, and the purple robe was ruined, and the corner of the mouth overflowed with a trace of blood.

He wiped the blood off his lips, and his handsome face was firm.

"Even if I am dead, you don't want to hurt her!"


Supreme Warcraft laughed twice, and a loud bang, a powerful force spurted out, and slammed into the dustless chest.

The blood spread like a red ink, and the purple robe was dyed bright red. The evil spirits were enchanting, and the eyes were more glaring than the blooming roses...

Even if the power of nightless power is strong, it is still too weak for the strongest of the supreme level.

To be able to support this point, it is enough to make the Supreme Warcraft look impressive.

"Kid, your strength is only one step away from the Supreme, but this step is a thousand miles, even if you are 10,000, you will definitely beat me! Are you sure you want to persist? If you insist, I Will continue! Until I hate it."

The nightless dusty lips raised a sinister smile, and his body was quite straight, standing like a pine bamboo in front of Mu Ruyue.

So proud and straight.

"I have her behind me, I can't fall! Even if I am dead, my soul will still support the body! Never let you hurt her."

Just because he is behind her, so he will not fall anyway.

"In this case, I will fulfill you!"


Brush it!

Obviously, the Supreme Warcraft is tired of playing some games, so all of a sudden shot of a sword that is condensed, at the same time, all the power spreads out. Under that powerful force, the battle stops, everyone Can't move...


When the night Si Huang turned around and saw this scene, suddenly smashed up, a pair of scorpions became blood red, surging with strange light.

However, he could not move.

I can only watch it all, my heart seems to be shredded.

However, the night is no dust!

That's right, under the pressure of the supreme Warcraft, he still moved.

Not to mention other people, even the ultimate Warcraft also stunned...

He couldn't believe that the pressure of a supreme powerhouse could not hold this guy.

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