Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1563: Finale (10)

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The night gaze at the woman's stunning face, and finally nodded: "Well, I am waiting for you, even if it is a millennium, I will wait for you, now you can safely refine the array, as long as I stand still, It won't hurt you a minute!"

"Hey!" Supreme Warcraft snorted. "I advise you not to waste your time. Today, everyone will die here. I want to make the whole continent flat!"

As long as I thought of being able to report the hatred of the year, I was so excited in the heart of the World of Warcraft, and then screamed and rushed to Mu Ruyue.

However, before he even came to Mu Ruyue, he was blocked by a figure.

"You stop me? Well, then I will kill you first. Anyway, the first thing I want to kill today is you! But you can rest assured that I will not let you die too much! Haha!"

Supreme Warcraft screams two laughs, and a sword in his hand slams into the night without dust.


The night is clean and the palms are raised. The long sword is held in the palm of his hand, blocking the strong sword. Because the supreme World of Warcraft is too strong, the sword is straight into the internal organs, and a blood is sprayed out like a bright rose. The land in front of you...


The supreme Warcraft brow wrinkled, I did not expect that the power of the night can actually block one's own move, but this is interesting, isn't it?

"You can stop me once, don't know what will happen for the second time, haha?"

At this time, the Warcraft also began to fight.

For a time, the entire battlefield was filled with smoke, and the blood stained the entire hill. It was so shocking from afar.

The night Si Huang stood on the black dragon head, raised his hand, and a sword air instantly fell on the ground above the Warcraft body, that Warcraft has not responded to a life.

Even though the blood is not strong enough, but there is a jade bracelet to protect the body, so there is no World of Warcraft can hurt him.

Mrs. Hua knows that she is the father of Mu Ruyue, so she always protects him by his side, and the night is dust-free and powerful. He is bound to not hurt Mu Ruyue. She is very reassured by this.

But other people are not so good.

Such a powerful World of Warcraft group, is it common to see? It’s not bad to be able to hang up with their strength, so everyone is bruised and bruised, and some are missing arms and broken legs.

However, no one gave up.

Because once they give up, Warcraft will attack Mu Ruyue and the night without dust.

Night dust-free face of the Supreme Warcraft has been difficult to adhere to, plus other, it is estimated that can not resist.

Once Mu Ruyue has not refined the law, the mainland will inevitably fall into crisis. At that time, their relatives will die.

Therefore, even if they die, they must stick to the last moment!

However, due to the strength of World of Warcraft, some people have been unable to withstand strong attacks, buried under the minions of Warcraft, looking at the reduction in the number of humans, and forgetting to wait for people to worry.

"This lady, you don't care about me, to save others."

Mrs. Hua is very reluctant, after all, except for Mu Ruyue and the Grey Emperor, others are not important to her.

"If I am gone, what do you do? You are a relative of the month, she is also my apprentice, I can not let you be in danger."

"But if other people die, our strength will be weakened, and it will be very unfavorable for the moon, so no one else can die!"

I forgot to look at Mrs. Hua and said firmly: "I can deal with it myself, you can help others."

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