Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1562: Finale (9)

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"You are also," Mu Ruyue looked at the Grey Emperor and asked, "How come you are here?"

"I feel that there will be a crisis in the mainland. I will be here. It should not be too late. I am also a member of the mainland. How can I withdraw from this situation? Even if the strength is meager, I will try my best." Dimensions."

Just after the voice of the Grey Emperor just fell, not far away, countless forces came over and made them feel shocked. ,

And the person at the front is very powerful, even if it is not as good as Warcraft. Here, it is estimated that only the night can be cleaned with one.

The Grey Emperor seemed to feel something, his body suddenly froze, and he turned his head slowly. His time fell and his eyes fell on the leading woman, so he could no longer move away.

It’s her, it’s really her...

This is impossible!

She is already dead, why is it here?

The body of the gray coat trembled, and a little excited light appeared in his eyes, and he could no longer look away.


The sacrifice ran from behind Mrs. Hua, half a sigh in front of the night without a dust, respectfully said: "Because of the emergence of the World of Warcraft, **** and the aura in the mainland have become the same, so we were able to leave the **** to appear here."

No dust nodded at night, and did not say anything.

The enemies of this time are so strong that they can't fight against the night without dust.

However, he did have to stand behind him and stand with his wife and children.

"Hua... Huaer, is it really you?"

The gray clothes are excited and incoherent. He did not expect to see her in his lifetime.

"Now I have no time to say anything to you, month, to deal with the supreme Warcraft, there is only one way!"

Mrs. Hua’s body fell in front of Mu Ruyue’s body, and her eyebrows gradually became dignified.

"Only the battle of the world can deal with her!"

Destroy the world!

Mu Ruyue saw this formation in Mrs. Hua’s book of refining.

This array has been artificially created, creating the most powerful annihilation, a powerful annihilation, that is, even the supreme level of the strong will kill! However, in the battle of the world, it is a man-made battle. If it is refining the world, she must be sure!

"Refining this formation requires a strong mental power. I don't have the power to do so. I can't refine it. Only you can, but before you do this, you need to think clearly..."

Mu Ruyue looked up at Mrs. Hua: "I believe in my own ability."

If she wants her life to change the lives of others, she is willing.


The nightless dust pulled Mu Ruyue’s hand and frowned. “What are the consequences of refining the formation?”

"No dust," Mu Ruyue slowly pushed away the hands of the night without dust, turned his head and stared at the handsome face behind him, and there was a disappointment and an inseparable feeling. "Do you believe me?"

Believe, how can he not believe her?

It’s just that he didn’t dare let her go to adventure.

It’s impossible to imagine the night, and if she loses her, how much he will collapse. ,

Even the lives of people across the continent can't erase the pain in his heart...

"No dust, wait for me, I will come back to you alive, because here, there is my concern! Just need you to wait for me for a long time..."

Mu Ruyue laughed.

That smile, the country is full of people, but it makes people very moved...

"Now, you help me block the enemy, I will refine the formation!"

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