Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1554: Finale (1)

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The breeze slowly passed, and above the hill, Mu Ruyue took the little hand of the blood, turned to look at the man beside him, her beautiful face raised a gentle smile, like a spring breeze falling into the hearts of the people.

The dusty eyes of the night are softer and the world is so wide. In his eyes, there is only one woman in front of him.

"Moon, we should go..."

"it is good."

She has been away from the mainland for a long time, and now, it’s time to go back with the night...

The blood smashed the bright big eyes, and some curiously looked at the men and women beside them, but soon she laughed, and the little fingers gently stroked the blood red jade bracelet on the wrist...

"Mrs. Hua, don't you really want to go with us?"

Mu Ruyue thought of something, and looked at Mrs. Hua, who was on the side.

Mrs. Hua shook her head and smiled slightly: "I am different from you. You are entering the **** with the flesh. I am physically destroyed. If I leave here, it will surely vanish."

The soul can't survive on the mainland. If you stay too long and don't find a suitable body, you will fly away. This is why Mrs. Hua always stays in hell.

"Mrs. Hua, you can rest assured that I must have a way to get you to the mainland, but I need time."

Mu Ruyue was silent for half a time, and looked up at Mrs. Hua, with a serious and correct expression.

However, even so, Mrs. Hua still has no hope. For her, the place in the mainland is already a past tense. In this life, she can no longer enter here...

"No dust, let's go."

Finally, I glanced at the people who came to see me. Mu Ruyue’s eyes cast on the dustless body, and the black scorpion had a strong light.

Nothing to say at night, no matter what, just nodded slightly, then raised his hand to take advantage of Mu Ruyue’s waist, and immediately jumped into the front of the mountain gate...

The night Si Huang followed closely and disappeared in the eyes of all the women.

After they left, the whole hell, once again restored the peace of the past, as if these people have never been to the general...

The land of God.

At this time, in a dark flash, a gray coat flashed into the ghost like a ghost, the old face is covered with sinister sinister, and the endless hatred!

"No forget, there is Mu Ruyue, if Danfei does not revenge, swear not to be human!"

Danfei's entire old face is twisted, and the eyeballs are particularly ugly.

Moreover, his half of his face is covered with strange runes, and the sinister appearance is particularly terrifying...

"The record on the ancient book should be here. It is said that this place is sealed with a powerful soul of Warcraft. As long as I swallow up the soul of Warcraft, it will become very powerful, but the soul of Warcraft is very dangerous, slightly careless, the whole The world will be destroyed..."

In particular, the level of Warcraft is at supreme!

The Supreme Power is the top of the mainland, and even if it is thousands of esteems, it is impossible to defeat the Supreme Power! If he can absorb this supreme soul, then he is the strongest strongman on the mainland. Who else dares to disrespect her?

At that time, he wants those who have hurt him to pay a painful price!

Thinking about it, Danfei laughed and laughed. He said: "Mu Ruyue, you will wait, very soon, I will go to you for revenge soon! At that time, no one can save you!"

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