Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1549: Husband and wife meet (12)

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Wang Jue was so angry that he set off a powerful momentum. He lost the former Mu Ruyue and rushed down Lingyun.

"You are a skunk who doesn't have a tutor. I dare to compare it with my daughter. My daughter is the queen of hell. You don't even have the qualifications to give her shoes. I dare to move your master out! What is your master?" Something? If she dares to appear in front of me, I will inevitably smash her into a corpse and let her know that she is causing herself because of her lax discipline!"

At this moment, Wang Jue's eyes are red, just like eating people.

And just as he said this, a light and quiet voice came slowly...

"Oh? I also want to know how you can smash my body."

The void was cut into a gap, and then, as the sound fell, a powerful force passed through the crack, and a bang hit the chest of Wang Jue...

Wang Jue did not react, just like the arrow from the string flew out, and hit a heavy drop on the ground.

Everyone was kneeling in the same place, until the oppression came from the top, only to look up...

In the gap, a yellow figure was taken.

It was a very beautiful woman. The years did not leave any traces on her face. The beauty was so suffocating, and what was even more amazing was the powerful power she had.

That kind of power clearly exceeds Wang Jue.

"Hua...Mrs. Hua?"

Wang Jue stunned, and his mind could not turn around for a moment.

Why is Mrs. Hua in this place?

Although Wang Jue claimed to be the second strongest, but above him, in addition to the king, there is this Mrs. Hua.

Just because Mrs. Hua is indifferent to fame and fortune, she lives in the mountains, no one knows her true strength!

However, no one dared to look down on her...


In the moment when I saw Mrs. Hua’s appearance, Ling Yun’s heart was overjoyed and hurriedly shouted.



Wang Jue’s brain is a mess, this Mrs. Hua is actually the master of Lingyun...

When Madame Hua flashed, she fell to the front of Lingyun. She raised her hand and touched the other’s head. The light said softly: "Yun, are you okay?"

"Master," Lingyun grievances, "These guys are bullying me! Especially the white smoke, not only does not admit that he killed the mother, but also said that the daughter is fancy the position of the king's post to smear her! A king. Isn't it an emperor? Is there anything remarkable? I am Master, your apprentice, will you look at the position of the king?"


Mrs. Hua’s eyebrows scorned and swept the white smoke: “Is my child’s identity lower than a king’s prince? You guys look at people’s low things. Today, I’m going to avenge my love for Yun’s relatives!”

If you say that some people still believe in white smoke, the situation today has to be doubtful.

Who is Mrs. Hua? As her old man, it is not easy to take away the life of Wang Jue. Is it necessary to lie? From this point of view, the situation of white smoke killing Lingyun family may be true...

"Mrs. Hua!"

Wang Jue’s face was cold, and he said without fear: 'I know that you are very strong, but if you compare with our king, whoever wins is not necessarily, I am the imperial city, you want to kill us. I'm afraid it's not that easy..."

"Not bad!"

When I heard the words of Wang Jue, Mu Ruyue couldn’t help but smile: “The dog really wants to see the master. In what to say, Wang Jue is also a dog that can bite in the imperial city. However, your master seems to be back, Mrs. Hua, You can ask his master's opinion..."

Wang Jue stunned. At this moment, the familiar atmosphere came from far and near and appeared in front of them...


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