Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1547: Husband and wife meet (10)

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Two moves collide, Mars is shooting!

The powerful aftermath rose from the whole body and smashed the entire floor.

This battle is too intense! Rao is a tribute to the sacrifices.

He has already seen that the strength of this girl is really not simple, and it can be evenly matched with Wang Jue by virtue of the superior strength...

I don't know who cultivated such a disciple?


At this time, on the outskirts of the Imperial City, a purple figure crossed the sky and swiftly hit away.

"I am going to the Imperial City soon, I don't know if she is really in this place."

The purple dusty night of the night contains a gentle smile, as if the woman’s smile is in front of his eyes...

In fact, he should have arrived in the Imperial City early on, but he had some things in the middle of the road, so that he had delayed the time. If he was at the usual speed, he was afraid that he could not reach the Imperial City. However, in order to see Mu Ruyue as soon as possible, he had no day. Nowhere to go, even using the speed of the drug...

When I think of someone who can see my heart later, the man’s heart is full of waves...

The blood that was held in the arms of the night without a dust looked at the gentle eyes of the man's mask, and some scratched his head.

I don't know if my mother and my brother are in this place. Just, what is the relationship between this guy and her mother? It’s hard to be done, he wants to grab the mother-in-law?

Although the blood has never seen his own embarrassment, but also listened to the night Si Huang mentioned his infatuation with her mother, so she absolutely does not allow anyone to rob her mother.

However, in any case, the blood did not expect that this man is her relatives...



Mu Ruyue felt a numbness in the palm of her hand, and her footsteps involuntarily receded. When she wanted to shoot again, a voice suddenly came and interrupted her movements.


Wang Jue took back his hand and turned to look at the woman behind him. He asked, "Smoke, what happened?"

The white smoke did not speak. She turned her head and looked at the sacrifice. She smiled slightly: "The sacrifice, what is your heartfelt wish for the king?"

The sacred eyes looked at the white smoke: "Wang is my master, I will be loyal to him in my life!"

"it is good!"

The face of the white smoke cooled a little bit and turned to look at everyone present.

"People, I think you know that I have had countless casualties in the past, but you can know how my subordinates died?"

Everyone turned their heads and shook their heads.

They did hear about it, but the details are not known.

"Well, now I will tell the crowd!" The white smoke turned to Mu Ruyue and said, "Because my people accidentally discovered the woman's conspiracy! This woman wants to be the queen of hell, but because the strength is not as good as us. Her Majesty, so she couldn't get this position, she wanted to use the beauty to seduce her, and kill him in design, replace it with it!"

In fact, it is not a last resort, white smoke will not do this!

The master she sent to assassinate did not return, and it was obviously unwise to assassinate again. If she wanted to kill her by the challenge, she would be delusional, that is, she could not kill her!

Therefore, only everyone can be incited to take her life.

Even if you come back and learn about it?

As the king of hell, how do you care about your life and status? Even if you are married to this woman, it is far from his own importance.

Ning is credible and has no credibility.

She does not believe that she will trust her like that!

"What? This woman is so sinister and poisonous, want to use this method to defeat his majesty? We hell, never let this incompetent generation become our king!"

Obviously, the words of white smoke stirred up public anger.

If this is said by Wang Jue, they do not necessarily believe it.

Who is the white smoke? Kindness is like her, light is like her, how can we do the kind of blame? Moreover, the death of Wang Jue is also true. From this point of view, her words are not wrong...


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