Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1545: Husband and wife meet (eight)

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If she is really related to Mrs. Hua, she will protect her if she returns Mrs. Hua’s kindness...

"Masters like the moon!"

Within the crowd, Tianlong was shocked and hurriedly walked through the crowd to the side of Mu Ruyue: "As the master of the moon, Wang Jue’s strength is stronger than Sun Yao, so..."

"You don't have to say much, today, I will protect her!"

Mu Ruyue lifted a stunning face, under the sun, a pair of black cymbals spurred a strong light.

Master Tianlong persuaded Mu Ruyue to be ineffective, and turned to Wang Jue: "Wangjue, such as the Master of the Moon is a senior medicinal pharmacist. In the hell, the status of Dan Pharmacist is quite high, not below you!"

Senior Senior Dan Pharmacist?

These words are like the heavy weights that lie in the hearts of everyone.

Did they not hear it wrong? That woman is a respected Dan pharmacist?

This... This must be a problem with their ears, otherwise it is a world fantasy.

"Respected medicinal pharmacist?" Wang Jue’s face was sneer, "Don’t say that this is true or false, even if it is true? The woman not only slandered my daughter, but also wanted to destroy my king prince. And she protects her, then die with her!"

At this time, the most exciting thing in my heart is white smoke.

Originally, the first step of the plan failed. She was somewhat frustrated. Now, it is even more justified to kill Mu Ruyue. It is the king who has returned. It has become a fact. He is even less likely to say something...

"Wangjue adults!"

Tianlong’s face changed dramatically.

The master of the month is not only a high-ranking medicinal pharmacist, but also has a relationship with that person. You must know that in hell, there is only one person who is juxtaposed with the king of hell...

If Wang Jue knows that the Master of the Moon has something to do with her, he will not dare to work on the Master of the Moon!

But don't say whether Wang Ju is willing to believe that even the person hates others for mentioning her name...

"Smelly girl, you protect her like this, then you will go to die with her!"


Wang Jue set off a gust of wind, and uprooted the trees in the entire square, and fell together to Mu Ruyue.



At this moment, Mu Ruyue burned an endless flame, burning the fallen trees into ashes.

Wang Jue’s eyes are slightly tight: “Jiuzhongyehuo?”


Jiuzhong industry fire?

Not to mention other people, even Tianlong also stunned.

He always thought that on the Tianluo Mountain, Mu Ruyue had already finished playing cards. I did not expect that she even conquered the Jiuzhong industry fire in Hell.

You must know that this Jiuzhongye fire is the most taboo flame of the soul...

Therefore, after feeling the power of the Jiuzhongye fire, Wang Jue’s body trembled gently.

But it is just that.

After all, the strength is there, if the strength of the moon is strong enough, it is enough to defeat the Wang Jue by the pressure of the Jiuye industry fire! However, with her power today, there is no such ability...

"Shantou, you have even got the Jiuzhong industry fire. If it is the previous Jiuzhong industry fire, even if I will be turned into ashes in the inside, but now the Jiuzhong industry fire is in your hands, obviously there is no such power, so, You can't beat me with this nine-pronged fire, haha!"

Wang Jue laughed, and his body quickly reached the front of Mu Ruyue like lightning.

He was entangled with a poisonous gaze like a snake, and the pressure on him was so powerful that he always had a hurricane around him...

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