Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1544: Husband and wife meet (seven)

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White smoke killed the woman's family? Is this really true or false? How can their goddess who is soft-hearted and soft, can make such a bad thing?

Even though there is a strong flesh in this hell, there are countless things to **** the treasure, but white smoke is a gentle and kind woman in everyone's heart. Therefore, this statement completely dispels the image of the goddess in everyone's mind.

"Girl, I lost to you this time, I am also convinced, even if your true strength is not as good as me, I will let you board the throne of the throne, this is a promise that my father and I personally promised, absolutely will Cashing in! So, you don't have to spurt blood, my white smoke has always been bright and upright, so the robbing of treasures will never be done!"

The face of white smoke is very calm, and the righteous words say.

"Yes, how could Miss White Smoke make such a thing of anger?"

"I said chick, you really use the method to win, but by strength, you will not be the opponent of Miss White Smoke, so you marry her, even to death, and, since you challenge Miss White Smoke, you are also a memorable The throne of the king's post! But the white smoke lady has always obeyed the promise, you don't have to worry, why should the export filthy her?"

"I really don't want to be invincible in the world! I have never seen such a shameless person, no matter what character or anything else is far worse than our white smoke lady! You know, Miss White Smoke is the queen of the future, Wang's wife, offended She has absolutely no good fruit to eat!"

Everyone, you say a word for white smoke.

Some people even cast a contemptuous look toward Lingyun. In their view, this woman is afraid that Wang Juefu does not accept the account, so she speaks insults.

If she is filthy, it is the Wang Jue, but it is not because of Wang Hao, this is not a good thing, and the strength of the high strength is not less than such a robbery. But she is talking about the white smoke that has always been bright and upright.

Also spare no one does not believe her!


Lingyun sneered aloud: "What is the location of a king's prince, it is not rare to give this lady, today, I am this woman who died! No! I want to be buried with the entire king's palace!!!"

"Hey!" Wang Jue said, "Great voice, hoe, I don't know who you are, how dare you be so arrogant! However, if you hand over your secret recipe, perhaps the king will forgive you. !"

"Sorry, my master, the name of her old man, you don't deserve to know, as for my secret law, you are not worthy!"


Wang Jue smirked and laughed: "Smelly girl, you don't know how to lift, don't blame me! You don't care who your master is, she is coming, I can't kill it!"


Wang Jue’s body was full of anger, and the storm that turned into a fierce storm flocked to Lingyun.

"Huanger, she will give it to you first."


Mu Ruyue pushed the Lingyun to the night, and the side of the body escaped the violent storm.


Night Si Huang catches Lingyun and hurries to look at Mu Ruyue: "This person is worse than handing it over to me."

"No need to!"

Mu Ruyue picked up his eyes slightly, and his eyes swept to the Wang Jue in front of him.

"You two fathers and daughters are really ridiculous, one is a real villain, the other is a hypocrite! However, today, I am here, you must not move her!"

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