Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1543: Husband and wife meet (six)

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She saved her...

This woman actually saved her.


In fact, even the night Si Huang did not understand, why the mother will save her? I have to know that she is never too busy with her own affairs, and she has nothing to do with her.

"Why are you saving me?"

Lingyun has mixed feelings in her heart. When she gets along these days, she fully understands that Mu Ruyue is an indifferent person. Now, she does not hesitate to sin for the sake of herself.

Mu Ruyue did not speak, looked up at the face of Wang Jue Tie Qing, said faintly: "This is the game between white smoke and the spirit cloud. Victory and defeat are also things between them. It seems that you are not very good at inserting!"

"Hey!" Wang Jue's face sank, extremely ugly, "This woman fouled, so this game is invalid."

"Foul, I don't know what happened to her?"

"In the battle, I did not say that I allowed the use of foreign objects. She used the method to win the victory. It was cheating!" Wang Jue looked coldly and looked at the moon, and said coldly.

"Yes?" Mu Ruyue sneered, "But, did not say that it is not allowed to use the formation method, let alone this is not a game, this is a battle! Since it is a battle, no matter what method, as long as you can win! And you, but set the rules and disregard, the shot hurts! This is what the Lord Wang Jue in **** is doing?"

For a time, everyone was embarrassed.

Just now, Wang Jue’s shot has already been despised. Now the dialogue between the two people is even more heart-warming.

Fighting is fighting. No matter what method you can win, you can win. In the battle, is there a way to win, waiting for the enemy to kill? Even a fool is not so stupid.

Wang Jue’s face was pale and he just wanted to speak and defend himself. There was a weak voice of white smoke.

"Hey, this girl is right, the battle is fighting, no matter what method is used, as long as it can win! Even if I don't bother to use any force other than force, but... I can't stop others from using it."

This is very obvious in white smoke.

I don't have other abilities, but I don't bother to use those forces! In my opinion, only the use of force to win can truly be regarded as a bright and upright person!

"I said, Miss White Smoke is a genius. How could she beat this woman?"

"This woman has the formation method, and Miss White Smoke has other abilities, but she is acting brightly and openly, no matter what she does, she only has her own ability."

"White smoke girl, you are my goddess! Only you can be regarded as a true genius. Others have no qualification for giving you shoes!"

Listening to the shouts of the people, Lingyun was paler than the original.

The bright and straight words describe any person, but it is definitely not the false false Madonna of white smoke!


White smoke coughed twice and walked to the front of Lingyun. He said, "Girl, I was really sorry, I am a woman, so I am impulsive. I apologize to you instead of her!"

Said to extend his hand to Lingyun.

Lingyun snorted and smacked her hand without mercy. The cold road said: "White smoke, you are less fake here! Others don't know you, don't I know? You want to get rid of God Dan killed my family, this account, I am going to liquidate with you anyway!"

When the voice fell, there was a loud discussion in the crowd.

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