Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1540: Husband and wife meet (3)

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The sacrifice actually killed his king's house in front of him!

Even if Sun Yao’s fault is more, he can only deal with him...

Wang Jue took a deep breath. If it was not the sacrifice of the king, he must have died immediately under his sword!

"I announced that this match is a test, this boy won!"


At the moment when the sacrificial voice just fell, the crowd suddenly sensationalized.

They originally thought that the night Si Huang and Sun Yao duel, will inevitably be crushed to death, absolutely impossible to turn over.

Who knows, this change is really beyond their expectations.

Not only did he make Sun Yao fear the game, but he forced him to blew himself! Such a young teenager has such strength, and within the entire hell, only Wang Yiren can compare with it...

Lingyun looked at the night of Shi Huang, just wanted to ask about the origins of the ever-changing array. At this moment, a voice was heard in the center of the square.

"Hey, I heard that there are a lot of heroes who have come today, and there are some young and talented geniuses. I wonder if I can play for Wang Juefu. Moreover, my daughter wants to learn from the talents of the outside world. I hope that 爹爹Promised."

The white smoke smiled and stood up. Her voice was very beautiful, and the softness was like a spring breeze blowing her face. It was very comfortable, and people really hated it.

Wang Jue heard the words and laughed twice: "Since your daughter has such a leisurely feeling, then I will let you represent Wang Jue, so the person who plays with you must be no more than thirty-five years old! If it is better than you The position of my king's palace is handed over."

As everyone knows, Wang Jue is the second master after Wang in the entire Imperial City.

Therefore, generally no one will play the idea of ​​Wang Juefu.

Otherwise, isn't that looking for death?

Now that there is a chance to get the position of Wang Jue, how can people not be excited?

However, those who are older than the standard can't help but sigh. If they can be young, maybe the status of Wang Jue will belong to them...

"Daughter, are you sure?"

Wang Jue turned to white smoke and asked.

White smoke smiled: "Isn't your mother's strength not assured? The daughter can guarantee that among the young people, no one will be the daughter's opponent, even if the boy who just defeated Sun Yaoda's commander, if not by means of formation And will it be easy to win? As long as the daughter does not give him the opportunity to arrange the formation, he will not be able to win the daughter. In any case, the daughter will not let the father lose the position of the king."

For his daughter, Wang Jue still has a lot of information.

Nowadays, when the white smoke is just over 30, it has already stepped into the ranks. Although it is just entering this level, it is definitely a leader among young people.

He believes that there will be no young man in the entire Imperial City than his daughter.

Of course, it all comes from the remedy that she got a year ago...

"I don't know which young talent is willing to come out and fight with me?

The white smoke slowly left the seat, the beautiful flow, sweeping the crowd below, and finally staying on the face of Mu Ruyue's stunning face.

Obviously, Mu Ruyue is her goal...

Of course, this is only her first step. She also believes that it takes only one step to get rid of this big problem.

However, Mu Ruyue seems to have never seen her like it, as if she was an air, she did not look at her, which made the white smoke heart stunned.

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