Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1539: Husband and wife meet (2)

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However, he really does not understand that this stinky boy is higher than himself, why should he use such a despicable act?

Of course, he would never know that Mu Ruyue and Ye Sihuang regarded him as a test article.

No matter how strong Sun Yao’s strength is, it is impossible to resist the power of the ever-changing needle. Without a moment, it’s already bloody, panting and looking at the teenagers outside the array...


How can he not hate!

If it wasn't for this stinky boy, I would have succeeded!

All of them!

It is she who ruined everything...


Sun Yao screamed wildly, like a madman staring at the night.

His eyes are like an angry flame, enough to burn the other side...

"Bad boy, I want you to die! Hahahaha! Even if I am dead here today, I have to pull you on this back!"

Boom 1


The temperature around Sun Yao gradually rises, and the body expands like a balloon that will swell.

"No, he wants to blew himself!"

This guy is really crazy!

What if the game loses? Actually made this kind of move with the enemy.

And most importantly, his self-destruction is bound to drag them down.

Even the face of Wang Jue changed. He hurriedly stopped: "Sun Yao, are you crazy? You know what kind of power you will blew? You give me a hand!"

Although Wang Jue is confident that he will save his life under the self-explosion of Sun Yao, it will inevitably have a lot of consumption, which will be extremely unfavorable to his next situation.

Therefore, he can't let Sun Yao blew himself anyway!

From the beginning to the end, the night Si Huang did not stop, a beautiful face, even a trace of panic.

Just because he knows that on this occasion, even if he does not stop, no one else can let Sun Yao blew himself...


Suddenly, one palm pressed against Sun Yao’s suppression, and suddenly it annihilated all the power. At that moment, the whole space fluctuations stopped, and in the moment when everyone has not returned to God, Sun Yao’s body is like a pierced balloon, and countless gases are exhaled from the body...

The palm of the sacrifice was pressed tightly against Sun Yao’s shoulder, and his eyes looked coldly at him: “Sun Yao’s commander, what do you want to do? Even if you lose in the hands of the other party, you can’t use this. The same method of doing the same, know that your self-destruction is not just one or two people, but so many people in the square!"

Sun Yao’s eyes slammed and his body shook slightly.

Blood, slowly smashing out of his body, not long after the whole floor was stained with a blood red.

"Sacrifice, you... you actually..."

"Sun Yao is the leader, I am very embarrassed. In order to prevent you from blasting, I can only do this. I am also trying to save the lives of others!"

After saying this, the sacrifice took back his hand and never looked at Sun Yao again.


Sun Yao’s body slowly fell down, and his big eyes were telling his death!

Looking at the scene in front of him, Wang Jue did not feel the fist clenched tightly.

His relationship with the rituals has always been like a fire and water. If it is not the lifeline of the whole **** in the king's house, it is estimated that the sacrifice will not even see his king's palace...

However, he is also a king, the second strongest in hell!

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