Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1538: Husband and wife meet (1)

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Sun Yaoxuan swallowed, and looked at the sorrowful nights of the lips.

Before he could talk, he saw the young man in front of him raise his hand slightly...


Suddenly, the juvenile has a powerful force, such as a storm that sweeps across the square...

Mu Ruyue did not speak, her eyes looked at the night Si Huang, and she had great confidence in her son...

The wind is tumultuous.

The teenager slightly lifted his head, and the beautiful face was filled with an elusive smile.

Seeing that at this time, the night Shi Huang was only looking at him with a smile, and without any movement, his heart began to linger.

If you take out the magic dragon sword, even if you cut down his head, it would be more than enough.

Why are there no actions now?


Yes, he must have a conspiracy!

Seeing that the night is not moving, Sun Yao does not dare to have the slightest movement, and he is afraid that he will fall into the trap of the other party.

"Sun Yao, what are you doing!"

Wang Jue gradually became impatient.

Although he saw Sun Yao’s move, he knew that this boy would not be as simple as the superficial, but now there is no way to turn back, otherwise it will only be their Wang Jue.

Sun Yao deep breathed, and the hand holding the sword trembled slightly.

"Kid, you have to think clearly, this is the Imperial City, not the other places. If you dare to crave me to life, the people of Wang Jue will never let you go!"

When he said this, he deliberately lowered his voice, threatening the evil.

The night of the emperor and the evil spirits glanced at him and said carelessly: "Three..."


Sun Yao stunned for a moment, so I looked at the night Si Huang.


The night's lips lifted a touch of curvature, and the enamel contained light that people could not understand.


Sun Yao clearly smelled the atmosphere of conspiracy, and his footsteps involuntarily retreated.

However, he just stepped back a few steps and the last voice in the boy’s mouth fell.



Suddenly, Sun Yao’s body was filled with a white light, like a knife with a bright light, but before he could react, countless blades were like Sun Yao.

"Thousands of changes!"

Lingyun’s heart was shocked, and his mistakes were big and big.

Why is there a change in the hands of this man?

Do not!


Except for Master, no one can refine this formation.


Mu Ruyue looked at Sun Yao under the attack of the array, and his brow gently picked: "The attacking power of the array has not been raised to the extreme. It seems that I still need to make some changes. However, with this method, Huang Children can quickly take Sun Yao’s life."

The reason why the night Si Huang challenged Sun Yao was because of her sake.

For that, she tried to test the thousands of changes she had just made.

When she came to the Imperial City, her strength was not without progress. Not only did she improve her rank to the intermediate level, but even if she did not rely on external forces, she could successfully refine her superior medicine.

And the ever-changing array of flowers is also the array she has just mastered.

Of course, if the other party exceeds the respect, it is afraid that this method will not work.

"You... you are mean!"

Sun Yao waved his sword and cut off the flying blade. He glanced at the night and looked at the night.

This guy actually set the law when he didn't pay attention.

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