Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1534: Vicious white smoke (seven)

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In hell, the prison code is the most important festival, and this day is also the day when all the masters of **** gather...

The masters gathered, this scene is grand enough to be unimaginable.

The original honorable and strong, in the current imperial city, but a lot of people, even if some of the hidden old guys, because of this prison code and left the retreat of the hill...

At this time, on the square in the center of the Imperial City, there is a strong atmosphere. For this prison sentence, everyone has no room to spare the power, and want to scare those powers worse than their own. people……

Obviously, under such a strong atmosphere, some people do not feel that they are pale, and the cold sweat is rolling down. I can’t wait to leave here immediately.

However, among all, three of them are the most eye-catching.

The three men didn't seem to be very old, but they were particularly eye-catching among the people. Especially, under the pressure of so many strong people, they didn't seem to have anything...

But compared to them, the more shocking thing is the Lingyun.

It is because of carrying the artifact that Master gave her, that it can not change color under the pressure of so many powerful people, but how did the two people do it?

The artifacts are able to sense each other, so Lingyun concludes that neither of them has an artifact on their body...

Thinking of this, Lingyun involuntarily looked at them more, and his eyes flashed a deep thought.

It seems that Master is right, this world is really Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and the two people in front of her are not seeing how...

"That woman looks a little simple!"

The white smoke slightly picked up the beautiful, sneer: "No wonder the king can be fascinated, but no matter how big she is, I will not let her live..."

Moreover, she has no qualifications to survive.

"Daughter, that woman is..."

Wang Jue looked at his baby daughter and asked strangely.

No one knows his daughter better than him...

Don't look at her gentle and kind surface, her heart is more poisonous than anyone else.

I don't know where this woman offended her, she wants to put him to death.

"Father, she killed me, so I have to kill her! And I have arranged all the things, this time, I will not let her live to leave here!"

"Smoke, according to the Detective of Wang Jue, Wang will arrive at the Imperial City tomorrow morning."

Tomorrow morning?

White smoke evokes the lips: "One day is enough!"

Before the king returns, he will let this woman die without a place of burial!


Under the eyes of all, a white ritual went to the stage.

His eyes swept down to the people below, his fingers stroking the curvature of his chin, and slowly said: "The annual prison rules are also known to all the people in the rules. All those who come to the prison can go to the imperial city. The officials have challenged and the winners can replace the other's official position!"

This is the rule of the Hell Strong!

As long as you have the strength, the emperor can also be your turn! And everyone in place can't refuse anyone's challenge! Only strong people can sit in those positions.

In order to regain power, many people come to participate in the annual prison day.

The nobles in the imperial city do not want to be replaced by people, but they are also ruthless.

It is precisely because of this that the power in **** is so strong...

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