Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1530: Vicious white smoke (4)

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That night.

The moonlight is like water, and there is a faint wave in the night sky.

In the courtyard, the evening wind blew through the leaves and sent out a cross-talk of the sorrow, which made the quiet night gradually unsettled.

Suddenly, Mu Ruyue, who was lying in bed, opened his eyes, and the scorpion flashed a fierce light. Then, with a bang, countless flying swords crossed the window and fell to Mu Ruyue with the thunder.

Mu Ruyue did not speak, and her body burned with fierce flames, so those flying swords had already burned to ashes before they even came to her...

Immediately, a white shadow broke through the window and stood in front of Mu Ruyue.

"who are you?"

Mu Ruyue frowned slightly and asked faintly.

She has only one enemy in the Imperial City, and she is Sun Yaoda.

But she believes that Sun Yao, who knows her own ability and Huang’s ability, will not send these ants to assassinate.

Therefore, these people are definitely not Sun Yao’s people.


The white woman in the head snorted, but did not answer the words of Mu Ruyue. She had a long sword in her hand, and she was drawn to the face of Mu Ruyue like a lightning bolt.

She did not want to take her life, but wanted to ruin the face of the country.

Therefore, it is even more difficult for Mu Ruyue to decide that they are not under the command of Sun Yao.

In this case, there is only one person...

Suddenly, Mu Ruyue’s mind flashed a face.

Even if she doesn't know what hate the woman has with herself, she is not a person who can be easily counted...

As if to see the sword in the hand will fall on the face of Mu Ruyue, the lips of the condensation moon evoke a cold smile, no one can see her movements, everyone sees the white light flashing, she stood on the admiration In front of the moon.

At this time, no one can think that Mu Ruyue can escape this trick. After all, Ningyue is the most powerful maid around Miss Da, even the geniuses of some nobles are not as good as her.

How can this woman escape the attack of the moon alone?

Look, she is obviously scared, and she doesn’t dare to move. It seems to be stunned...

But the face of the condensate moon soon changed.

Her sword went to the front of Mu Ruyue, but she couldn't get into it. It was like an invisible shield standing in front of the other side, blocking her sword.

It’s a little bit worse...

Condensed palms violently exerted a force, but still can not push the points, her forehead gradually emerged a trace of cold sweat, horrified to raise the beautiful face, suddenly time, the pair of eyes like a smile! ...


Mu Ruyue faintly lips: "I am standing here to be killed by you, why don't you kill me?"

In this case, only one person knows.

Therefore, the others behind me didn’t feel each other and they didn’t know what the ghost was doing.

"Jingyue, why don't you do it? Don't forget the command of the master. Is it because you are not soft on the enemy?"

"That is, Ningyue, you are ruining the face of this woman, and we will go back to the master."

When I heard the impatient voice of everyone, it was really hard to say that Ningyue.

Do you want to say that she can't even get close to her body?

To be able to do this, it shows that the strength of this woman is not only a little bit stronger than her own.

Even if she is exposed to her, I am afraid that the sword in her hand can only be used as a tick.

It seems that the lady really looked down on this woman...

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