Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1528: Vicious white smoke (2)

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The face of the night Si Huang is getting darker and darker. He just lifted his palm and just wanted to shoot. Who thought that Tianlong was faster than him, and a punch and a punch fell on the body of the shopkeeper, telling him to fly out!

At the beginning, Tianlong did not notice the words of the treasurer. He said that the louder he said, the harder it was to hear it at the end...

This **** guy, do you know that your Dan pharmacist's level is not as good as the moon master, so I want to deliberately humiliate myself?

The more I want to get angry, the more the Tianlong turns into an angry martyr: "You said, what crimes do I have with you, do you want to humiliate me like this?"

The treasurer was completely blind and did not understand what happened.

Shame him? No, give him a hundred courage and dare not humiliate the Dragon Master...

"Master, you... have you misunderstood? I have not humiliated your old man. I am talking about those who are not doing anything. I must recognize that you are a master of Tianlong, so you are not willing to leave!"

"You... you dare to say!"

Tianlong’s body trembled.

In his opinion, many people in the early days of the Tianlu Mountain saw it. Therefore, if the level of the drug of Mu Ruyue surpassed him, he would certainly spread it. The old man could not have known it. Therefore, he must have deliberately humiliated him.

In fact, Tianlong really married the shopkeeper. Many people on Tianzhu Mountain already knew it, but he did not personally be present. How did he know that the man was the white woman in front of him?

As for the night Si Huang, all of them are concealed...

It’s really that this man is too demon, no one dares to offend, and Sun Yao of Wang Jue’s house is defeated in his hands. Even though Sun Yao dares not to find revenge on him, if he knows that they will publicize the matter, they will never be able to day.

If someone in the Imperial City knows the existence of the night shuang, it is easy to recognize that Mu Ruyue is the woman...

Unfortunately, nothing.

It is also destined to be the tragedy of the treasurer...

The girl in pink eyes looks directly at Mu Ruyue and wants to see why.

Although she is arrogant, but her brain is not stupid, how can she not guess the Tianlong because Mu Ruyue shot the shopkeeper? What's more, Master and her have said that there are many strong people in the world, and many strong people can't see them with the naked eye.

However, she finally got her appearance by appearance...

That's right, even if I say a few words at the gate of the city, she doesn't think that this young and beautiful woman will have too much strength...

"Dragon, I haven't seen you for a long time."

Mu Ruyue raised his throat and said faintly.

Wen Yan, Tian Long took back the foot on the shopkeeper, turned to look at Mu Ruyue, and respectfully said: "Like the Master of the Moon, you also come to this prison?"

"Come on the fun, but I am leaving."

"Departure? Why?"

Tianlong sighed and asked.

He also wants to ask the Master of the Moon a few times. How could she let her go so quickly? ?

"Yes," Mu Ruo nodded. "My luck is not as good as the Dragon Master. When you came, you happened to have a room. I was told that I was full of people, so I was planning to leave."

Her meaning is obvious. When Tianlong came, there was still a room. She came early but had no room...

So, the treasurer saw the face of the Dragon Master gradually darkened.

"Big...master, this is the order of the king's palace! You can't do it right with the king's palace!"


Tianlong snorted: "I am in charge of you, Wang Juefu is still not the king's palace. If the master of the month is my benefactor, I am treated like this. I will remember this matter well! Masters like the moon, let us go, I bring You go to other inns to see who is so bold to let you live!"

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