Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1523: Departure, Imperial City (2)

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So strong!

In this hell, there is such a powerful force!

Lan Lan took a deep breath and looked up at the sky...

This look is no longer able to look away...

In the void, it seems to be torn apart, the man stands in the air, the purple clothes are stunned, the lavender atmosphere is entwined with his body, and the powerful suction seems to **** the air of the entire sky.

Even if a man has a mask on his face, it will make it impossible for others to see the whole picture. However, it is imaginable by the atmosphere of the evil spirit of the whole body. What is hidden inside this mask is how to The face of the dusty world.

and many more!


Lan Lan suddenly opened his eyes and the whole body trembled...

"Silver mask, purple eyes, stronger power than Sun Yao's commander, is he... this is how it is possible? How can such a distinguished person like him appear here?"

There is a legend in **** a long time ago.

It is said that although the new king of Hell is powerful, but with a silver mask all the year round, it is the close-knit person who cannot see the face inside his mask.

Moreover, Wang still has a pair of unparalleled purplish...

When Lan Lan guessed the identity of a man, a soft voice came from behind the man: "Uncle, these people see why you are so surprised?"

The crowd stunned. When they raised their heads, they saw a little girl with a pink face carved out from behind the man.

That's right, it's really from behind!

You know, but at high altitude, just now the man flew so fast, she didn't fall down?

Moreover, the man's side is too strong, even if he intentionally bypasses the little girl, but after all, the other party is too young to be impressed.

It seems that the little girl doesn't seem to notice such a strong gas field...

She...who is it?

"I don't know."

The night shook his head without dust, and then the body flashed, and it fell from the void...

Lan Lan did not feel a glimpse, and looked at the night that came to him without any dust. The whole body could not be tightened, and a nervous sentence could not be said.

Even in the face of the danger of being big, he has never been so nervous...


The man’s low voice rang in this quiet valley, with irresistible power.

"Mu...Mer?" Blues lived, and they looked at the night without dust.


A fierce line of sight shot from the side, scared the blue twitching a few times, cold sweat rolling from the forehead, do not dare to look at the night next to the dust.

"Muer is..." The night was silent, and continued, "Mu Ruyue! I feel her breath here, now where is she?"

"Lord Lord?"

Lan Lan suddenly opened his eyes and couldn't help but look at the night without dust.

He is saying, Lord Lord?

When did the Lord Lord know such noble people? No wonder she dares not to put Sun Yaoda in the eyes!

When I heard the night without dust, the blood stretched out from behind and curiously squinted.

"Does this uncle know the mother-in-law? Is it that the person he is looking for is the mother-in-law?"

The blood bite on the finger, the eyeball turned a few times, and finally did not ask anything...

Brother said, no one can be too credulous, and now she is unclear the identity of the man, therefore, can not let him know that he is Niangqin daughter ......

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