Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1520: The family is full of the devil (a)

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The crisis has finally passed, and everyone is not relieved. The look of Mu Ruyue is also full of envy.

Tianlong’s eyes are complicated. Who can think that this time they will owe this woman a human condition. If it is not for her sake, she is afraid that everyone will escape.

Thinking of this, he sighed involuntarily, his eyes gradually changed from the initial disdain.

"Ha ha."

Just when everyone thought about how to admire the moon, a light laugh brought back the thoughts of everyone.

When people look around, they see Mei Yan's smile toward Mu Ruyue, who has always been indifferent to the face, and rare to bring a trace of admiration.

"It is really a tiger mother without a dog, such as the moon master, this time I owe your mother and child a favor, if you have any need to go to find me later, I will go all out, Tianlong, let's go."

After saying this, Mei Yan finally looked at Mu Ruyue and turned and walked down the hill.

However, from the beginning to the end, Mu Ruyue did not say anything, as if he did not put Mei Yan’s words in his eyes.

If it was before, everyone would laugh at her. Now that she knows the strength of this woman, she dares to think so.

What's more, she is surrounded by a man like a fairy.

Unless they are impatient with life, they will provoke the mother and son...

"Cough, like the master of the month, you really have a good luck, there is such a good son."

Among the teams, a Tsing Yi man came out and said flatteringly.

Others saw him being led by him, and naturally he was not willing to show weakness. After all, it was a good medicinal pharmacist who was so eager to do...

"Go and go, Li Qing, what do you mean by this? Is it true that the master of the month is very poor? Didn't you see that the Tianlong master had to surrender to her alchemy? Even if the little son did not appear, with the master of the month There is absolutely no problem with strength."

"Zhang Yi is right, Li Qing, your words are too much, such as the powerful young Dan Pharmacist of the Master of the Moon, it is estimated that no one in the whole **** will surpass her."

Hearing everyone's words, Li Qing's face was flushed. He wanted to be the first to admire the moon. He didn't expect to say something wrong. He was also caught out of trouble...

Seeing that everyone is competing around the mother and child, the golden-winged dragon is carefully retreating, imagining that everyone’s attention is not slipping away when they are not on their own...

At this moment, an indifferent gaze was blocked by layers and fell on it.

The golden-winged dragon shuddered, and as he looked up, he slammed into a pair of dark and indifferent eyes.

This... how is this possible?

Human beings will be forgotten when they are flattered by everyone. How can they even detect their own small movements...

What is the origin of this human being!

Finished, this time, he is dead!

Involuntary, the face of the golden-winged dragon appears gray and defeated.

He regrets...

I regretted offending this woman!

Otherwise, he will not be so miserable...

"Mother, how should this big bird deal with it?" Night Shuang Huang's eyebrows scorned, and a **** smile on his lips. "Do you want braised bird meat, steamed big bird, or barbecue bird wing?"

The words of the boy are like a devil who usually slams into the ear of the golden-winged dragon. Suddenly, his body's hair is erected, and he looks at the night Sihuang in horror...


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