Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1518: Insidious Xiao Huanger (1)

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In the valley, everyone looks at each other. If the Sun Yat-sen commander wins, then the names of all of them will be accounted for here. However, how can the teenagers in front of them win the command of the great commanders?

Does he think that it is very easy to get this position?

When I think of it, everyone’s heart can’t help but sink a few points...

"The Lord, the Lord, can he really defeat the commander?"

Lan Lan turned to look at Mu Ruyue, and the wrinkled brow had obvious worries.

It is not that he does not believe in the night, but the power of a great commander is too strong.

Night Shuang Huang seems to be just a teenager, even if he has a perverted mother, how could there be such a strong strength?

Otherwise, it’s not against the sky?

When she heard the blue scorpion, Mu Ruyue did not answer, and her gaze fell on the face of the beautiful beauty of the night.

She also wants to know, in the past five years, how much Xiaohuanger has grown to the extent...

"Mother, you can rest assured, I will end soon, when we go to find 爹," Night Si Huang turned to look at the old man in the void, faintly raised the lips, "You want my hand The sword is enough to say that I am not a person who does not talk about feelings. If you want him, then I will give it to you."

Everyone thought that even if the night Shi Huang could not beat Sun Yao, it would inevitably go through a big battle. Who knows that he is so soft and so quickly, he suddenly stunned the eyes of the land...

Especially the woman who was still mad at her eyes, with deep contempt in her eyes.

In this **** of the strong, it is the most shameful thing to fall without war...

"Count your kid to know!"

Sun Yao snorted and said proudly: "In this case, give me the sword in your hand!"

In his view, it is reasonable for Yu Sihuang to make this choice.

Even if his strength is good, how can it be? In the hell, no one dares to defy the king's orders, as long as he takes out the name of the king, even if he is strong, he will not defy!

"it is good!"

Night Si Huang smiled coldly: "Then you have to pick it up!"

When he fell, he threw the long sword in his hand into the sky, and after a beautiful arc, he fell to Sun Yao...

In the meantime, Sun Yao seems to see his sword in the hands of the dragon, when he fights for hell, the smile on the old face is even more...

A little bit worse, it’s still a little bit of a dragon sword coming to him...

Looking at the sword of the dragon that was thrown in the sky, Sun Yao couldn't help but stretch out his hand. At this moment, he felt the power of the sword, and the power seemed to **** him all in.

And this is also the power he has always been longing for...

At this moment, Sun Yao did not see the evil smile on the lips of the night Si Huang. In his eyes, there was only the sword of the dragon that was about to fall into his hand...

Just when everyone thought that the sword of the dragon would be brought to the hands of Sun Yao, suddenly, a loud bang, the whole mountain trembled twice, and immediately, a black and powerful light blasted at the speed of thunder. On the chest of Sun Yao, his whole body formed a curve and slammed into the tree.

Everyone has been stunned by this sudden change, and has not been able to return to God for a long time...


A blood spurted out of his mouth, and Sun Yao’s old face was white. He looked up hard and looked at the night with anger: "You... you are mean..."

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