Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1511: Family reunion (fifteen)

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Deep in the bamboo forest, the dark clouds shrouded the entire sky. Suddenly, a white light broke through the clouds, as if to dispel the light of the dawn of the night, falling in the hearts of everyone...


Suddenly, the wings of the golden-winged dragon slammed on the shoulder of Meiyan, and his body suddenly flew out, and a blood donation sprayed out, as if it had fallen like a **** rain...

"Meiyan adults!"

Tianlong was shocked. At this moment, a dragon rang through the sky, and the whole forest was shaken a few times, and it also hit the hearts of the people.

"Well, the Golden-winged Dragon will break through!"

In an instant, everyone looked like a gray, desperately looking at the golden dragon hovering under the sky, his eyes full of horror...

What kind of existence is the Golden-winged Dragon?

A golden winged dragon that has not played its full strength has already made everyone screaming. If it is to make a successful breakthrough, I am afraid that waiting for everyone is just death...

Here, no one can beat the Golden Winged Dragon.

Even if there are ten strong geese, it is not its opponent.

Imagine the shock of the Golden Winged Dragon to everyone...

At this time, under the glare of golden light, the power of the golden-winged dragon grows at the fastest speed, and the sound of the dragon and the thunder slams into the heavens and the earth, so that the whole world of Warcraft can not help but lower the head, as if looking up is all about it. Disrespect.

"Ha ha ha!"

The golden-winged dragon smirked and smiled, and the high laughter slammed into the valley, and the rock fell down like a thunderous roar...!

"Stupid human beings, after I break through, it is your death!"

There is also a dragon...

The hatred of that year is now going to be liquidated with him...

"It's over, this is over!"

"We can't beat the Golden Winged Dragon. After it breaks through, we will all die."

"Meiyan adults, really there is no way?"

The people looked at the crazy golden-winged dragon in horror, and they felt a desperate color in their hearts. It was ridiculous that they had entrusted a glimmer of hope to the young woman.

Even though she has the strength to save Mei Yan, it does not mean that she can get rid of this crisis...


Mei Yan clenched her sword in her hand and coughed up. He climbed up from the ground and stared up at the golden dragon in the circle surrounded by golden light. He shook his head unconsciously...

"The breakthrough of the Golden-winged Dragon, I... can't stop it."

It is already his limit to be able to stop it for a moment. Of course, if the broken arm has not recovered, perhaps he will not be able to persist for a few minutes...

Do they really want to die today?

Do not! He is not willing! You can't die in this place anyway!



As the golden-winged dragon screamed, the sky flashed and thundered, and the clouds covered it, covering the entire sky, as if it were the **** of Yintan, and the infinite power passed from the sky...


At this moment, everyone has only this feeling in their hearts.

The strength of the Golden Winged Dragon is getting stronger and stronger, like an invisible hand holding their neck, suffocating...

However, just as everyone thought it was necessary to die, the power returned to calm in an instant.

The breeze blew, the leaves fell, and the quietness seemed like nothing happened...

"This... what happened in the end? I am still alive?"

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