Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1510: a family reunion (fourteen)

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Above the void, two stars like a meteor crossed the sky.

Nothing in the night After feeling the familiar atmosphere not far away, there was a clear excitement in the purple eyelids.

Yes, he felt the breath of Mu Ruyue, the woman must have come to hell...

"Blood, you have done a good job, then I have to increase the speed." The night, no dust, took a deep breath, calmed the inner tension and excitement, said faintly.


In the bamboo sea, Bichizhong.

The body of the golden-winged dragon is covered with a layer of golden light, and the fierce dawn sweeps through the humans in front of them, with cruelty that cannot be ignored...

"Human, I am just a quiet breakthrough here, but you are bothering me! Especially the human woman from the land of God! You broke my business, I will not forgive you."

The land of God?

For a moment, everyone’s eyes gathered on Mu Ruyue’s body.

This woman, she is not a hell, but from the mainland of God?

At this moment everyone stayed because of this news, but soon they came back because of the thriving power of the Golden Winged Dragon.

"Masters like the moon!"

Tian Long’s face changed and he hurriedly looked at Mu Ruyue.

Maybe at first he looked down on this young woman, but now, there is only her way to do it...

Mu Ruyue did not speak, she slowly squatted down, took out a few stones from the space ring, and began to arrange the array at the side of the golden winged dragon...

Seeing her movements, Tianlong stunned. I wanted to question the voice, but I remembered the ability of Mu Ruyue. After all, I swallowed all the words back...

"This... this method is..."

Mei Yan’s eyes changed from the initial doubts to shocks, as if they were incredulously staring at Mu Ruyue.


That's right, this is the legendary Devotion.

For so many years, he only saw one person refining.

But now, this girl knows how to refine this kind of array...

Is she really a disciple of that person?

Thinking of his original thoughts, Mei Yan suddenly stunned a cold sweat. If he killed Mu Ruyue, then that person would not let him go...


The golden-winged dragon screamed and a golden flame spurted on Mu Ruyue...

Suddenly, Mei Yan looked tight and his body flashed a few times before he came to the front. With a wave of sword, he sprayed the flame in front of him and flew out, dissipating in the air...

"As the master of the month, the next thing is handed over to me. You can rest assured that the arrangement will be solved. I will not let this golden winged dragon disturb you anyway!"

Mei Yan raised her pale brow and looked coldly at the golden-winged dragon in the pool.

The faint golden light shrouded in it, and there was an indescribable beauty in it, but it still couldn't resist the strong breath from Bichi.

This is the power of the Golden Winged Dragon that is breaking through...

"Master, the golden winged dragon is in front!"

Above the blue sky, the body of the dragon is like a black cloud covering the entire blue sky. His eyes are full of faint dragon light, cold and cold: "Is this a narrow road?"

On the back of the dragon, the young boy like a demon charm always stands with his hands on his back, the red clothes fluttering, his eyes cast on the bamboo sea not far away, and a glimmer of light flashes through the bottom of his eyes.

"Golden winged dragon, and ... mother-in-law? Demon dragon, I feel the breath of the mother, now you immediately rushed to her with the fastest speed."

"Yes, master."

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