Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1502: Family reunion (six)

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Suddenly, a dragon came from the front, and the dragon smashed a bit, and a strange light flashed through it.

"It's that guy, he actually hid in this place!"

The night shuanghuang slightly picked up the enchanting red dragonfly, and the smile on his lips was even worse: "Dragon, are you a narrow road?"


The dragon's nostrils made a cold cry, and said quite disdainfully: "In that year, this guy was beaten by me. Although my strength has not fully recovered, I have encountered the enemy once, if I hide it. It is estimated that many people will think that I am afraid of him, master, now I will go to teach this guy well..."


The night Si Huang slightly raised his head, and his face smiled more and more.

"And, I feel that the mother is in front..."

"it is good."

The dragon nodded and then turned into a black light, which quickly shot toward the front at a speed that could not be captured by the naked eye, and quickly disappeared into the sky...


Inside the Longtan, the huge body occupies the entire pool. The body of the golden-winged dragon is covered with a faint golden light. It seems to be very painful, and it makes a burst of mourning.

"This is a sign of the breakthrough of the Golden Winged Dragon. We must solve it as soon as possible."

Otherwise, the consequences are unimaginable...

Mei Yan frowned, and then he raised his hand and pulled out the sword at the waist. The voice was cold and said: "Now, all the ranks of the ranks are fighting with me. Others will not have to go, and they will die!"

When I heard this, all the strongmen of the superior level came out involuntarily, and even if others went forward, they would just die.



The golden-winged dragon whispered, and the pain in the dragon pool lingered, the light of the whole body gradually spread, and the whole water surface was dyed golden...

"Let's go!"

Mei Yan bit her bite, waved her hand and shouted.


In an instant, everyone took out the weapon and slammed into the golden-winged dragon...

The golden-winged dragon seemed to feel the dangerous approach, and suddenly opened the eyes, the golden scorpion was overbearing and cruel, one by one swept through those humans...


Suddenly, countless water columns flooded the water and landed on those people. Before they could get close to the golden-winged dragon, they were beaten out and fell heavily on the ground...


Mu Ruyue shook his head: "In this way, they are not the opponents of the Golden-winged Dragon. The Golden-winged Dragon is powerful and chooses to attack positively. It is no different from finding death..."


Tianlong disdainfully said: "Even if they are worse, they will be brave enough to go forward. It is not like you are afraid to attack after you are hiding. It is said that you defeated the blue dragonfly. It should also be a respectable strongman. Why are you not going to fight?"

As if I didn't hear the sound of Tianlong's ridicule, Mu Ruyue caressed his chin, his eyes glanced at the battle ahead, and he didn't know what to think about in his mind...

"This golden winged dragon is too strong, even if it is difficult to overcome it now, if it is let it break through, we will really have no chance to resist..."

Mei Yan wiped the cold sweat on her forehead.

If **** can defeat the Golden Winged Dragon, probably only the Emperor of Hell, the most mysterious man in the whole hell, and the adult who is skilled in the practice of refining...


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