Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 1501: Family reunion (5)

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Under the gust of wind, the woman stood up against the wind, a green silk with the wind, and her whole body entwined, huge medicine stood in front of her, so powerful and domineering.


The phoenix's tripod slammed from the air, and the whole mountain was trembled. At this moment, the double-winged dragon that was originally hovering under Mu Ruyue was directly smashed into a meatloaf...

Tianlong’s eyes narrowed slightly, staring at the phoenix’s tripod in the hands of Mu Ruyue, and the light was shining through the eyes...

"This girl is indeed a rare genius. If it can make her a few uses, it will definitely add a lot of power to our government. But now I am curious about what relationship she has with the adult... ..."

Mei Yan’s gaze is always gazing at Mu Ruyue. She seems to want to find something from her body. After all, the only way for this woman’s refining method is that...


At this moment, within a valley not far away, a dragon swayed in the sky. In an instant, the still quiet mountain forest instantly swayed, letting the whole air see a strange flow...

At this moment, everyone felt a sense of oppression, and they did not feel the horror of their eyes...

"This... what is going on?"

Everyone took a sigh of relief, and they didn’t know what was going on...

Mei Yan looked at her eyes as she looked at the moon, slowly regaining her gaze, and the old face had a dignity that she had never had before.

"She just said that right, the guardian beast on Luoshan in this day is the golden-winged dragon! If there is no guess, now the golden-winged dragon has swallowed the mature Tianluo, and then break through! If it is let it break, It will become a golden-winged dragon. At that time, no one can defeat it anymore! And the whole **** of human beings can only be slaughtered by it!"

Mei Yan’s voice is like a heavy stick, and it falls into the hearts of everyone.

"Golden-winged dragon? This... how is this possible?"

"Well, if the Golden Winged Dragon breaks through, then we can only wait for death..."

"But the Golden Winged Dragon is strong enough. How can we defeat it?"

The crowd clearly panicked.

The level of the Golden Winged Dragon is already above everyone else. If it is a golden-winged dragon, how many humans can defeat it in hell?

Tianlong took a cold breath and turned pale to Mei Yan: "Meiyan adults, are you telling the truth?"


Mei Yan nodded slightly, her eyes showed a dignified color: "There is still some time to break through it, and we must defeat it before it breaks through, otherwise, there will be no chance..."

Golden-winged dragon...

Thinking of these four words, Tianlong’s heart did not feel trembling a few times.

Mei Yan took a strong breath and said with a serious expression: "Now everyone is going with me! Anyway, we must defeat it before it breaks..."


Under the pale sky, a black light covered the sky and covered the sky.

It will soon be seen that this black light is a black dragon...

On top of the dragon, stood a teenager who was about a teenager.

The juvenile was handsome and unusual, and the slender figure stood under the breeze. A silver robe ran through a beautiful arc in the wind. However, the teenager's lips are holding a **** smile, silver hair fluttering in the wind, and the pair of blood-red scorpions reveal the fascinating light.

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