Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 98. Competition for the title (4)

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He Lao faint smile, first took over the remedy refining the night, the scorpion slightly picked up, not cold or not light said: "The intermediate level of medicinal herbs, the degree of integration is 90%, the degree of chemistry is Eighty-five percent."


The crowd violently rushed.

He is not only refining the intermediate-level medicinal herbs, but also the chemical level is still 85 percent? The degree of integration is even 90%. Even if it is a clear son, does it have such strength?

"Like the moon, take your remedy."

He did not look at the expressions of the people, smiled and said.

He still wants to see the remedy made by the girl? Is this still necessary to see? This is called the man of the night is so powerful, even if the girl is hidden, it will never be his opponent.

Age is a big injury.

The girl looks like she is only fifteen years old? How successful can a fifteen-year-old age be? She can't be more talented than the Qing dynasty?

Mu Ruyue seems to have heard the voice of the discussion below, slowly walked to He Lao, put the medicinal herbs in front of him, and then took a few steps back.

He Lao pressed the tension in his heart and gently picked up the medicine. Suddenly, his face changed slightly, and he looked at Mu Ruyue.

"He old, what happened?" The old brow of the fire wrinkled and looked at the old guy.

"The intermediate level of the drug, the degree of integration is 95%, and the degree of chemistry is ... 100%."


Above the venue, after the words of the old man, it was a piece of Liao Jing.

What does the meta-representation mean? That means that after taking this medicinal medicine, how much time can you spend to turn the drug into the body's strength, and a 100% ration of the recovery element Dan, as long as you take it, it will immediately restore the body's vitality to its peak state. .

It only takes a moment.

"He old, this... Is there something wrong?" Qin Hao bit his lip and asked for a slight change in his face.

Isn't she an intermediate medicinal pharmacist? How could it be so powerful?

He Lao no longer said anything more, and threw the medicinal herbs to Qin Lao.

Qin Lao took over the medicinal herbs and nodded to the Qin dynasty. He said: "He's judgment is not wrong. This is indeed an intermediate-level medicinal herb, and the degree of chemistry is 100%."

Qin Hao's face suddenly whitened, and his footsteps swayed for a few times. After all, he still didn't fall.

Lost, this time not only lost at night, but even she lost, and still lost a face. Suddenly, Qin Zhen thought of the previous words, there is actually an impulse to slap his own slap in the face.

Today, she is too shameful to lose.

Ling night looked up and swept his eyes as a month, and walked directly to the venue. He just walked past her side and made a slight streak. He threw a sentence: "We will meet sooner or later, and then we will break and win. Once, I lost my heart and ate."

When he fell, he stopped saying more and left the venue.

His departure did not attract much attention, only because today's people were stunned by the words of He Lao and Qin Lao, and they could not distinguish between the southeast and the north.

Fifteen-year-old intermediate medicinal pharmacist? 100% of the degree? Have the knowledge of medicinal herbs that admire Huo Lao and He Lao? Is it the direct use of mental power to smash a whole piece of steel?

Is this woman really a human? Even a man is not as powerful as her...

And she is destined to become the protagonist of the Danhui. The people are eye-catching and radiant, but after many years, they are still relished...

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