Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 97. Championship of title (3)

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Huo Lao and He Lao look at each other. If they don’t guess wrong, this woman wants to refine the intermediate level of the medicine...

It’s just that this millennial fruit and violent grass are really incompatible.

However, if it was before, perhaps the old man and the old man would have the idea of ​​Qin Xiao, but after seeing the paper she had handed in before, she had no confidence in her.

With her knowledge of alchemy, she will never make such a low-level mistake. Maybe she really has a way to integrate the two medicines.

"Well, then I see how you can refine the medicinal herbs." Qin Yan looked at the moon and turned back. She couldn’t imagine how the two remedies could be combined, even this refining Knowledge does not understand, how did she get the championship before?

No matter how Qin Qin squatted in the heart, this test was finally opened.

Ling night looked at her coldly, and said nothing to ignite the flame in the palm. With a bang, the flame broke into the bottom of the Dan furnace, and the cockroach burned.

At this moment, the hearts of all the people in the Danhuis were tense. Although they did not believe that Mu Ruyue could win, she still hoped that she could defeat Midnight.

The flame ignited in the palm of Mu Ruyue, reflecting the beautiful face of the red and bright. At this time, her expression was extraordinarily serious, and a pair of flames like a night screamed two clusters of flames.

As the saying goes, a serious woman is the most beautiful. At this moment, Mu Ruyue, who is fully refining the medicinal herbs, undoubtedly harvested the hearts of a group of men.

Her face is very delicate, the long lashes hang down slightly, covering the two clusters of flames in the scorpion, the faint thin lips are lined with beautiful lines, and her white looks make her look so beautiful. .

At this moment, even the four words of Fenghua are not enough to describe.


The flame rises and jumps in perfect arc, and the palm of the moon turns over, increasing the burning temperature of the flame, and then placing the next medicinal material into the Dan furnace.

A faint scent of scent has spread from the inside of Dan furnace, and it smells like a spirit. It feels like never before, and there is a feeling of physical and mental pleasure.

"Is it a success?"

Everyone's eyes fell on the Dan furnace, and hopes to flash within their nephew.

"There is also the last medicinal material, violent grass, this medicinal material and the ginseng of this millennium ginseng should not be refining together, otherwise the medicinal properties of the violent grass will spread out, and the final result is the fryer! ”

Looking at the action of Mu Ruyue, Qin Hao sneered.

Finally, under the expectation of everyone, Mu Ruyue picked up the violent grass and slowly put it into the Dan furnace...

"Everyone is fast defense!" Qin Hao hurriedly defended, and the power of the frying furnace would be a crisis for their innocent people.

However, except for the Qin family, no one has defended like her, but instead looked at her with eccentric eyes...

"Hey?" Qin Yu lived, and turned to look at the hand holding a green remedy, Mu Ruyue, the wrong one is big.

No explosion? How can this be? What went wrong?

What makes her depressed is that Mu Ruyue really used those medicines to refine the medicine!

Mu Ruyue didn't look at her. She took away the medicinal herbs. At the same time, Lingyue also completed the refining, sneer and wiped out the flame at the bottom of the Dan furnace...

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