Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 95. Competition for the title (1)

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Everyone did not know what the name represented, but the three old men in front of them all took a sigh of relief. They should have guessed that this black robe was not an ordinary person. It turned out to be the proud person of that person.

"What? Is this name a surprise to you? Or do you want to drive me out?" The cold night smiled, and the black robe had a mocking smile. "Unfortunately, I have no fouls, and you have no ability to cancel." My qualifications for the competition, the champion of this competition, I have to set the night."

He doesn't like the drug industry, so he didn't study much, but even so, it is not difficult to defeat the pride of this group of people. But isn't it too boring? Since it is a mess, then let the people know that the disciples of that person are not what they are.

The old man and the old man looked at each other and smiled. If the champion of the game was really obtained by the disciple of the man, I am afraid that the face of these old men was lost.

After all, it was they who drove the man out of the Danhui.

When they felt desperate, but they saw that there was no action, Mu Ruyue went to the front of the Dan furnace, stared at his group of herbs, and then slowly placed the palm on the medicine...

"Is it difficult for her to learn the man who called Ling night to take medicine?"

“Is this legendary method awkward for everyone?”

"Maybe she wants to try it maybe..."

Everyone saw the action of Mu Ruyue, and they all laughed.

On the night of the night, the brow wrinkled, and the corner of the black robe evoked a cold smile. He looked at the girl with his eyes, and his eyes passed a trace of ridicule.

It’s the fire, the eyes of a few people are bright, maybe, this girl can bring them a miracle, maybe...

Miracles are there.

Just in the moment when Mu Ruyue's hand was placed on the medicinal material, the withered medicinal material gave off a faint glow, and a strain of plant was full of vitality, and it was significantly larger than the previous one.

The people who had just laughed at her were stunned, both eyes wide open, as if they were surprised to see a ghost.

"Miracle, this is a miracle, hahaha!" The old man laughed loudly, and his heart was not too excited. He wanted to laugh a few times. "Liao night, how? You are not alone here." Raising medicine, and her medicine seems to have grown a lot... Hey, grew up a lot?"

The old man’s mouth was so ugly, he discovered now that the medicinal material had grown a lot.

It was only fifty years of medicinal herbs, and it suddenly became a hundred years? This... Is this a monster? What is the effect of taking gas to raise medicine?

"Whose disciple is this monster? If it is those who are not as good as my pharmacist, I may still be able to discuss with them and give this disciple to me."

The old light of the fire turned, and such a good seedling was in front of him. If he did not take any action, he seemed to cut his heart with a knife.


Ling night face iron blue, the scorpion picked up slightly, and the bottom of the eye passed a trace of cold mans.

This method of gas-cultivation is still seen by a master from an ancient book. I did not expect that someone would have this method here. It seems that he is still too small to see the organizer of the Danhui.

In any case, the champion of the Danhui is bound to win.

"Since only two people can participate in the competition, the championship will be won by you."

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