Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 92. Spiritual competition

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Qin Hao clenched his fist and couldn't help but tremble.

Her ears always echoed what everyone said.

As a low-level pharmacist, she entered the top three, and the champion was only a middle-level, how can she endure? How can you bear it?

Deeply calmed down the ups and downs in the chest, Qin Hao looked at Mu Ruyue's eyes and felt a little cold.

Qin Lao noticed the emotions of Qin Yu, the white brow slightly wrinkled, and immediately sighed, this girl still lacked exercise, only a failure made her heart become unstable.

This is a big disadvantage for her future. Today, she still wants her to defeat Mu Ruyue. After all, the knockout is only knowledge. What is really important is the next test...

"Well, the first match has already scored the outcome. The next step is our second test. This second test is your mental strength." He smiled and stood up and raised his hand. With a wave, someone immediately lifted a huge stone.

This huge stone needs dozens of people to carry it up. It is better to say that it is a stone mountain. It looks hard and hard to destroy.

Everyone didn't know what He was going to do, just looking at her inexplicably.

"Do you see this stone? It is a complete piece of steel. Even if it is made by our president, it will not break it. Later, you will use the spirit to attack this stone. Whoever destroys the most? Who is the champion of this competition."

He Lao smiled a little. He knew that this was a little difficult for these young people, but for Dan Pharmacists, mental power is the most important one.

"What if someone breaks all at once?"

Suddenly, some people raised questions below.

He Lao smiled and said: "I clearly tell you that this is absolutely impossible. Even the most talented people on the mainland may not be able to use mental power to plan a complete piece of steel, so everyone can Completely assured, this is my guarantee to you."

When I heard the old words, the talents let go of their hearts.

“Mu Ruyue,” He Laoguang’s turn, he fell on Mu Ruyue’s body and smiled. “You just became a champion, then you will give priority to attacking the steel. Remember, you can only use the mental power. If you use Yuanli, it is a foul."

He would like to know how her mental strength is better than the knowledge of the pharmacist.

At the end, I was not at ease. I added: "Use all your mental strength to move to the steel, you can't hide it."

Mu Ruyue licked his mouth and said nothing.

But is this steel really so hard?


Qin Hao snorted, and her face was ridiculed with a sardonic smile. She saw that she was only a middle-level strength, and her mental strength should not be so good. Perhaps even a corner could not be destroyed.

When she first played, she could only be a smile.

Before Mu Ruyue walked to the steel, he slowly took a breath, and then released the mental power. The powerful spiritual power filled out. At that moment, the leaves fell and the dust was everywhere.

A loud bang, powerful mentality slammed into the steel under the guise of the crowd, and then a stunned scene took place.

Under the spirit, a complete steel stone mountain was directly turned into a crush, collapsed...

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