Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 91. This world is fantastic (3)

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Everyone was stunned, and no one knew what had happened, and the two old men frowned at the same time and looked at each other.

Just when everyone was picking up, a hearty laugh came throughout the venue.

"I understand, haha, I finally understood that some of the previous problems have been solved. Today's harvest is not small."

Although Mu Ruyue’s refining level is not as good as that of the old guy, it is said that for the analysis and formulation of the medicinal materials, no one knows more than Mu Ruyue, who was a medical family in the past.

What's more, this metamorphosis has a book that makes the mainland's strong coveted. After basically having this book, becoming the most powerful medicinal pharmacist in the mainland is not just a dream.

Everyone looked at the mad old laughter, all face each other, with a trace of doubt on their faces.

"Cough," He said, coughing twice, smiling with a smile. "Well, the result of the first knockout has already been made. The third place in the knockout is Ling Tian."

Ling Tian?

Everyone looked at each other and they didn’t seem to have heard of this name...

"Ling Tian, ​​you go ahead."

It seems that everyone is confused, He said faintly.

Immediately, the man shrouded in the black robe stepped forward and nodded slightly toward Ho, and said in a hoarse voice: "I am Ling Tian."

He Lao frowned slightly, looking at the weird man with hesitation.

He...who is it?

"The second place in the knockout is to clear the son."

Qingxiongzi is only the second place?

The result is a glimpse of the public. Since the Qing dynasty is the second place, the first place should be the Qin dynasty of the Qin family. Only the whole venue can compete for the qualifications of the male and female.

"Hey, you finally got the first place," Qin Luo exclaimed excitedly. "I know that you will always be the best, and this time you will compare the Qingzi son."

Qin Xiao’s faint smile turned to look at the referee’s seat and said, “Let’s release the results.”

However, it is necessary to see the results of this time.

"The next step is the champion of this knockout," He said with a smile. He looked around the quiet crowd and raised his eyebrows. "The champion of this competition is - Mu Ruyue."

The smile of Qin Yu’s mouth was stiff, and the two beautiful eyes were suddenly enlarged. His face was pale and his body shook slightly.

In the knockout round, she did not even enter the top three?

How can this be!

Qin Lan clenched her thin lips tightly, and her eyes flashed a little cold. She wanted to know who the moon was like, and she didn't even enter the top three.

In the horror of everyone, the admiration of Su Yu slowly went forward.

She is not easy to wear, and she doesn't wear any accessories. It looks extraordinarily simple. Even so, it is difficult to conceal the beauty of the fashion, and compare all the women present.

Such a beautiful girl instantly attracted the attention of many people.

Just after seeing the girl representing the badge of the Dan Pharmacist level, everyone has seen the appearance of a ghost.

What kind of joke? Intermediate medicinal pharmacist? A small person-level intermediate pharmacist actually won the championship in this elimination tournament?

Is it their eyes, or is this world mysterious?

When is a person-level intermediate medicinal pharmacist can be so arrogant, the Qin dynasty, such a low-level pharmacist, has squeezed out the top three.

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