Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 89. This world is fantastic (1)

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As the two dry coughs sounded, the entire venue returned to peace.

He was so eager to look around, and smiled after seeing everyone silent: "Well, you all entered the arena, I will announce the first test rule."

Everyone heard the words, and went into the arena in an orderly and orderly manner.

"The first test is very simple. It is to distinguish the medicinal materials. I have prepared a lot of medicinal materials for each of you here. You only need to write more than five medicinal properties and Dandan Danfang. The time is a musk. If The unfinished task in this musk is eliminated, well, let's start."

After saying this, He Lao closed his eyes and immediately raised someone with a scent in front of him. As the smell of the cigarette reached the tip of the nose, everyone felt a sense of sleepiness.

The hearts of the people were greatly astonished. It was probably the scent of the mainland, which was widely rumored. The smellers could enter the dreamland. It seems that this comparison is not just about medicine, but also their willpower.

Suddenly, someone slammed on his lap and forced himself not to fall asleep.

Only four of these people maintain a normal mind...

Two of them were Mu Ruyue and Qin Yu, and one was a handsome young man. The young man stood like a pine bamboo. The star-studded scorpion always looked at the herbs in front of him.

If you want to use something to describe this young man, then it is to see him in the moment to see the beautiful world of the mountains, and like the green bamboo standing in the woods, the beautiful people can not help but look at it.

"The Qin family and the president of the Qin family and the president can resist the sleep of the scent is nothing wrong, but what is the origin of the other two people? Is it difficult to become the dark horse of the conference?"

The old man caressed his beard, his eyes swept over Mu Ruyue, and then stayed on the black robe not far from her. I don't know why, when I saw this man in black robe, his heart was faintly uncomfortable.

"Why is there a breath in this man that makes me very uncomfortable? It seems that people should check his origins."

Did not think much, the old man took back his eyes, a pair of smiling scorpions looked at the young people underneath.

"That's not a simple character. The ability to resist the sleep of the scent shows that she has good mental strength. One person is a middle class? Oh, it seems that the test is more and more interesting."

And he is also looking forward to more...

"Okay." Qin Hao put down the pen in his hand and walked toward the three old men in the referee's seat. He handed his paper with respect and respect. "Three elders, this is my answer."

"It turned out to be awkward," He said with a slight smile. "Let's put the answer down and go on."

"Yes, Ho old."

Qin Lan slowly retreated.

Only her first volume made the blast open below.

"It’s Qin Lan, her speed is really fast. It’s estimated that this championship is none other than her.”

"Haha, don't forget that there is a clear son, this is the grandson of the president, and the strength is definitely not to be ignored."

"No matter what, in terms of speed, Qin Qin of the Qin family took the lead."

Under the voice of everyone, the others also answered the answers one by one.

Qing Qing took the paper in his hand and went forward. With a faint smile on his delicate face, he nodded to the three and went down. Now there is only a small number of people left without a cross...

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