Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 86. Lady of the Holy Moon (3)

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The little girl earned a break from the hand of the moon and quickly rushed to the young woman. She slammed into her arms and smiled cutely: "How come the mother-in-law?"

"I still said," the young woman clicked on the little girl's delicate nose and said with a sigh of relief. "You ran out alone. How can I rest assured? You, I really don't know who this temper looks like."

The little girl spit out the powdery tongue, a lovely smile: "Mother, the bad guy just wanted to use the carriage to hit the light, but fortunately the sister's rescue, or gently no longer see the mother."

"Oh?" The young woman's face sank slightly, and the light turned to the angry Qin Luo, sneer: "Is you want to hurt my baby daughter?"

"Hey," Qin Luo snorted. "Who will let this little girl not give way? He will only be killed if he crashes. I am Qin Luo who is a Qin family. What is the big deal of killing a person?"

This Qin family has great power, and even in the Danhui, there is a certain right to speak. Now, not all of them come here for the Danhui? It is difficult for these people to dare to confront Dan.

"Qin Jia?" The young woman smiled coldly. "How about the Qin family? I want to hit my daughter, it is not so easy to finish, Shaohe, pass on the orders of my wife, I want all the industries of the Qin family to be closed, and let Qin The old man personally apologized to the door, otherwise, he would not return it to his son."

Everyone is ashamed. No one knows what the identity of this young woman is. Can it be such a big Haikou? What is the identity of the Qin family? That is the person who has a high status in Danmen.

"Idiot." Qin Luo sneered, looking at the young woman disdainfully, just as he wanted to say something, the next person hurriedly pulled his sleeve.

"Young master, you see her jade in the waist, reflecting the colorful light in the sun, if the subordinates did not guess wrong, the lady should be ... Holy Lady."

"What?" Qin Luo's face changed suddenly, Mrs. Holy Month? How could this be possible, and it was over, this time he was definitely finished, and he provoked the Holy Month, and he would kill him.

Even if Qin Luo has no brains, this time will not think that the lady of the holy month is jailed. First, no one has the courage to steal the things of the lady of the holy month. Second, with the strength of the lady of the holy month, How can jade, who is carrying it, be stolen?

That is to say, this person is the real Lady of the Holy Month.

Finished, this is finished...

Qin Luo's legs and feet were soft, sitting on the ground, showing a desperate color on his face.

Others don't know the identity of Mrs. Holy Moon, but seeing what Qin Luo looks like can also guess what can make the Qin family feel so scared, then the lady's status must be strong.

"This girl, thank you for your gentle help to the little girl," said Mrs. Holy Moon, who no longer looked at Qin Luo, turned and walked to Mu Ruyue’s side, revealing gratitude. "As long as you need it later, I can always find me. I have been living in the Ziyun Inn in Dancheng for a while."

Even the Holy Month does not know why, when I saw Mu Ruyue, I felt a touch of inexplicable feeling of intimacy.

If the eldest daughter was not stolen in the past, it might be so big.

Thinking of the lost grandmother, Mrs. Holy Moon has a sour heart. Over the years, she has been looking for the whereabouts of her eldest daughter. After all, there is no clue.

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