Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 84. Lady of the Holy Moon (1)

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"You..." Mu Yixue didn't expect this person to dare to talk to her like this. His eyes were fierce and triumphant. He deliberately lowered his voice and said, "Are you looking for death? Why is this lady noble? Just rely on you to give this lady a shoe. Not worthy!"

The sneer sneered: "Miss, I will not say this thing, but if you threaten the villain, the villain needs to ask for protection. The villain knows that you are better than the lady, but the villain will This incident was written in a purse and entrusted to one person, let him tell the world, so that everyone knows that the young lady took the initiative to lose to me, and this apron is the right token for the lady to give the villain."

When he fell, he didn't look at Mui Xue's face. He picked up a belly and flew out. When Mu Yixue returned to God, his figure had gone far. He wanted to kill him and missed the best opportunity.

If you go out now, there will be many people who know what she has done.

Mu Yixue bit his lip bite, and buried deep hatred in her heart. She traced this matter to the head of Mu Ruyue. After all, in Fengcheng, there is only one such as Mu Yue, who has enmity with herself. This must be the traitor she set!

"Mu Ruyue, I will make you feel better than death!" Mui Xue's eyes sparkled with cold light, and the cute and cute face looked awkward.

Today's humiliation, he must double the repayment to those people.

"This adult, this should be."

Just when Mu Yixue cursed Mu Ruyue, the singer did not stay in Mufu, but turned a few turns to a place and met a man.

I saw this man with a silver mask on his face. The good-looking voice had a sigh of sorrow. His seductive thin lips evoked a touch of smile, making people shudder.

"You are doing very well, I will let people protect your safety, and your mission is to entangle her in three days."

The man stared at the distant sky and flashed a chill.

Mu Yixue, I want to beat her idea, then I will make you die like a dead!

Just thinking of the red enchanting hidden behind the tree, the man’s nephew is slightly sinking, and the evil spirits evoke the lips: “Cloud cold, check the identity of the man.”

"Yes, the master."

An ice-cold sound rang behind the man, and after the sound fell, the whole sky returned to calm and the wind could not move.

The slender fingertips gently stroked the thin lips, and the man smiled. His smile was fascinating and fascinating, making people feel that the face behind the mask was so beautiful.

"No matter who the man is, you will belong to me."

He won't let the woman be taken away by any man. Her heart will always belong to him only, let the man take the medicine for Mui Xue first. The next time, no one can steal his head.

"Yuntian, I want to take the cloud, I have to leave for a while."

Thinking of the woman's smile, the silver-faced man laughed at the lips, and he wanted to take her time to take her heart away, lest it would be squandered by other men, so that it would be worth the loss.


Dancheng is the venue for the Danhui.

Xu is because of the Danhui's sake, today's Dancheng is overcrowded, and Mu Ruyue has just entered Dancheng, and he feels a lot of strong atmosphere.

Danhui, it really is a strong gathering.

At this moment, a carriage hits the front and crashes. In an instant, the passers-by let the road open. However, in the middle of the road, a little girl of about three or four years old still stands there and does not seem to watch. To the carriage close...

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