Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 65. Self-acceptance

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"Homeowner, homeowner, Master Tianyuan came."

Within the Mujiazhen Hall, the feelings of the sorrowful sorrowful scent, he seems to have been able to imagine the Tianyuan master to find the scene of the stinky trouble, the corner of the mouth could not help but smack a touch of curvature.

At this moment, a briefing came suddenly, and I was filled with joy and enthusiasm. I wanted to greet him, but I saw Tianyuan, who was wearing a green pine gown, stepping in from outside the hall.

At this time, Tianyuan had a face, and there was no such joy as the expectation. This made his heart rise. Is there something that he did not know there?

"Master Tianyuan, don't know if that thing can be done as expected?" Mu Qingqiang held a smile and said respectfully.

He did not say this, but when he said this, Tian Yuan’s face suddenly sank, like a eve on a rainstorm, with a dangerous atmosphere everywhere.

"Mu Jiazhu, I don't know if the second girl can be there? I have recently lost a drug boy, and I hope that my family can help me. I will not be ill-treated."

Since leaving the house, Tianyuan has thought of countless ways to torture this bastard, but the best way is to torture his baby daughter and let him think that he has **** the Qingyunmen.

Although Tianyuan wanted to have a violent sensation, but the innocent master had already warned him, and he could not reveal the identity of Mu Ruyue. If so, then he would have to deal with him.

And if you do it yourself, it is very likely that you can guess what you are.

The feelings of relief slowly sighed. It seems that the master of Tianyuan must have been rejected by Mu Ruyue, so his face is not good-looking, so he is second to none. Now it is impossible to make Mu Tinger’s life as a child. The pharmacy of Master Tian Yuan is also good.

"When did the master let Tinger go to find you?" The light of the sorrowful flashes a few times, a little drug boy is nothing, but if her talent is taken by Tianyuan master, she will be accepted as an apprentice. Not impossible.

How does Tianyuan not know the abacus in the heart? I didn’t feel cold and snorted. His eyes were not so bad. He would accept that woman as a disciple.

If it is possible to export evil for the girl, perhaps the innocent master will see that he will not let him go to the ground to think about his performance.

"Now, I am going to take her away now," Tianyuan said with a cold eye, and said, "From then on, Mu Tinger of Mujia is the drug boy of Tianyuan, no matter what happens in the future." Family five senses."

The heart of the love is awkward, and he does not know whether it is a blessing or a curse for the Mu family.

"Come, come and invite Miss Two." Mu sighed, in any case, can get the favor of Tian Yuan master, it is the creation of Tinger.

A pink dress floated from the backyard, Mu Ting's models came, and the delicate face also had a pale paleness. The melancholy lining between the eyebrows became more and more pitiful.

She licked her lips and walked to the front of Tianyuan for a ceremony, saying: "Tinger has seen Tianyuan Master."

"Tinger," Mu Qing turned to look at Mu Tinger, sighed, for this foster girl at least he once really used her as a personal daughter.

"Tianyuan Master came here to let you be his pharmacy. You will leave with the Master later."

“What?” Mu Tinger’s heart was a joy, and she couldn’t believe what she heard in her ear. “Hey, are you telling the truth?”

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